Dawning Of A Sliver Moon

Sliver moon left. Procyon middle right. Alhena upper right. Sirius far right.

This rose is a great representation of aging.

A Timku
How are you doing?
Toxic liver, bad kidneys
Mr. Happy’s sad

Sirius is the bright star in the center third of the photo below Orian’s Belt.

A closer view. I don’t know what was making the streak to the left of Orian’s Belt. It changed position slightly from the first shot.

Jupiter is in the lower right at the treeline.

Mars, The Pleiades, and Uranus are aligned.

50 thoughts on “Dawning Of A Sliver Moon

    • I shoveled a tonne of dirt and gravel into the bed of my pickup truck and shoveled it all back out into holes in the culvert that was washing out again. I really feel like that rose tonight. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  1. Your Timku has me worried…
    Your sliver moon had me going outside my friend’s house (where I am staying until Oct. 11) to see just where the moon is. Couldn’t find it.

    • It’s up in the morning. Tomorrow morning will be a very sliver, but maybe up too late to see. Sunday is the new moon. Not to worry. The poem is general. Not personal. Thanks, Dale.

      • I get a lot of junk mail about toxic liver, men’s heath (boner tips and tricks), and notices that I’ve been accepted into the Who’s Who of Professional Women. Spam is so weird. I couldn’t fit the WWPW into the Timku. I’d have to do a Truck poem (Tanka) or is in Tonka?

      • They mislable on purpose. All “men’s health” is about is getting Mr. Happy to stand up again.The only reason I can think of for getting WWPW spam mail is because I order clothes for Laurie.

      • This is true. And it is SO annoying to be automatically spammed, the moment you order something on line. I keep forgetting to go incognito when I do so…

  2. Streak of light, maybe ISS or a plane. Probably the latter.

    Sounds like a bit flash flooding down your way. Thursday was rainy all day, but not the heavy kind. It was more cold than anything, mid-40s all day. Today, a different story … sunny and 86, real feel 92.

    • It was warm while I was shoveling dirt and gravel into holes in the culvert. About 10 minutes after I finished, a thunderstorm blew through and we had heavy rain and sunshine at the same time. One of those silly NM phenomenons. Cooled down nicely. Thanks, David.

      • Haven’t had rain and sunshine at the same time for a long time, maybe five years.

        I’m getting the same type of junk mail that you’ve been getting. Also, have had spam regarding concealed carry, stun guns, and several from Sarrah looking for intimate male companionship. She’s going to have to look elsewhere.

      • It’s been a long time since we got much rain in general. I get a lot of spam for Russian and now Ukrainian women. I get spam mail about where one can buy illegal weapons, which I half suspect are generated by the ATF or other Justice Department cronies trying to entrap people who don’t know gun laws.

  3. I hope we all age in beauty like that rose πŸ™‚
    Interesting shots op the stars and planets. Indeed something strange that was moving there… maybe aliens on there return ha ha ha πŸ™‚

  4. Mr Happy, better be Happy! I just read your reply to Dale, so I’m not worrying! πŸ˜‰
    That rose is aging beautifully.
    Sliver Moon rises smiling.
    Visitors form outer space or a lazy shooting star?

  5. Beautiful night sky pictures. I enjoyed the one picture that it looked like the night sky had glowing rings.
    And the rose is what I feel like after a day working in the yard. Neat Timku!

  6. The dawn and night sky photos are beautiful, Tim. I can even see a well defined “moon-eye” in the first one. The streak is interesting. I guess it moved too slowly and was not a meteor?

    I hope you are alright. A good Timku, but I hope it does not indicate the state of your own health.

  7. The aging rose really demonstrates that there is still beauty and delicacy and intriguing intricacy even as time changes and ravages the trappings of youth.
    My Grandmother is almost 100 and her skin and her hands are likewise delicate and soft as is her manner now.
    Maybe the eye that can see the beauty of age is the rarity.

  8. Wow, I am waaaaaaayyy behind on your posts. Probably blasting your inbox tonight ha. Let’s hope I can see that many starts this weekend – although with the 32 degree lows I’ll have to look at them through my breath.

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