52 thoughts on “Who You Calling Ugly, Ugly?

    • The toad is beautiful. La bruja es bonita. The mad hatters are another matter. They were’t far enough from the madding crowd. Thanks, Marina.

    • I was cristal clear for the sliver moon this morning after heavy rains last night. I just finished repairing the culver that was washing out again. Another storm is moving in. I see how long my repairs last. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Only sprinkles here so far. Occasionally the winds shift and we get the smoke from the Cedar Creek fire. I wouldn’t mind one of your heavy rains.

    • No kisses from me. Those two mad hatters could use some better looks. Maybe kissing the toad would improve their looks. Thanks, Meli.

  1. I could have used those characters on my Halloween haunted trail – would have scared the crap out of everyone. That toad must have been bitten by a radioactive spider.

    • A lot of characters I didn’t post would have been great for your trail. The toad might have eaten a radioactive spider. I love that toad. Thanks, Brian.

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