Sliver Moon, Venus, Flash Flood

Venus and the moon rising through the clouds at dawn.


We did not get rain last night, but there were flash flood warnings for Sandoval County. Obviously, there was a significant amount of rain and flash flooding to the north of us as the Rio Grande’s water level rose about 3 feet last night. It was receding this evening when I was out at the river.

The Rio Grande looking north from Beaver Point last night and tonight.

The Rio Grande looking south from Beaver Point last night and tonight.

The red strip of mud between the light-colored bank and the water is how high the river rose and then fell from last night to tonight. About 3 feet.

Speaking of Beaver Point, a beaver swam by, crawled out of the water, went up onto the bank and disappeared into the willows.

The Black-crowned Night-heron was out hunting on the river to the north of Beaver Point. It looks like it got a fish.

Clouds reaching out this afternoon. No rain on us.

50 thoughts on “Sliver Moon, Venus, Flash Flood

  1. Beautiful pictures! So glad to see the river in a better shape. It rained here a little too, last night. Here’s hoping for more rain. Love the beaver, venus and the moon.

  2. What a difference, al least you have more water now but for how long…. We experienced the driest month of July in more than 100 years !

    • A 100 year drought. You hear about 100 year floods all the time, but don’t think much about the opposite. Thanks, Rudi.

  3. All of yours shots are amazing. It’s crazy to see how high and low the water can get in one day (or half day).
    Love all of the shots and that last one is breathtaking.

    • Flash floods out here can be very destructive. Many years ago rains 30 miles away build up and 9 foot wall of water that came rushing down into the north end of Corrales taking out bridges that crossed the arroyo, flooded the north end of Corrales and had the irrigations ditches filled to the tops of their banks. A huge flood control channel was built after the fact. Thanks, Dale.

      • I don’t doubt that for a second. Holy moly! That must have been awful! Now it makes sense to make those irrigation ditches.

  4. Applesauce! That last shot of the cloud is spectacular, Tim. Well done!
    Three feet is a dramatic change. It’s hard to believe that it was once such a “mighty” river. I enjoyed seeing all the animals. Hugs on the wing.

  5. The photos are always a pleasure to view, Tim. I love that explosion of cloud in the last photo. It does look like it is reaching out to get you. A 3 foot rise and fall in the river sounds like some pretty serious floods upstream.

  6. How come the Rio Grande fell so much over night? Is that normal?
    The blue greens of the growth along the river bank are nice on the eyes.
    The last cloud shot looks like the hand of god.

    • There is not much water flowing into the Rio Grande from the dam upstream of us. The flash floods raise the river, but then id recedes fairly quickly. Thanks, Resa.

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