The Mystery Bird Identified?

I went out to check on Venus and the moon this morning, but they were blocked by clouds. However, I got a clear view of Jupiter with four of its moons.

No one could I identify this bird I posted on July 5th. The bird is small and around 200 feet from me when I took the photo. Now I think it’s a juvenile Western Bluebird.

Juvenile Western Bluebirds up close and personal.

Buddy finally got de-coned. I was in the field this morning, so by the time I got to see Buddy, he had worn himself out. He may have to wear the cone again when he gets his eyelid fixed. But that’s a month away.

61 thoughts on “The Mystery Bird Identified?

  1. The young bluebirds are adorable! The bird on the wire does look like one of their kind. Poor little Buddy has been through a lot. I hope he recovers quickly from the upcoming eyelid surgery.

  2. That certainly seems to be a Bluebird. I always want to pat
    all birds on their backs and make them boing on their legs! It’s a thing. They’re all so flippin’ cute! The large, majestic ones may take a finger for said attempted boinging, however. Great photos, all of them.

  3. Yep, agree that is a juvi bluebird with those spots. Good news for Buddy – let’s hope he gets plenty of play in before he has to do another round with the “code of shame”

  4. You always keep impressing me with your stunning photographs of our planets and space. I never heard of this beautiful bird and glad to see Buddy is de-coned!

  5. Spectacularly clear and dazzling photo of Jupiter and its four moons, Timothy. Also nice to see the juvenile bluebirds, such a happy sign of summer.

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. What was interesting about this is I photograph the Western Bluebirds all the time, and have posted photos of them. But the juvenile taken from a distance stumped everyone, even the Merlyn Bird app. I had not seen the juveniles up close before, so once I did I realized that was the mystery bird.

  6. Wow Jupiter looked cool and love the cute little blue birds Tim and poor buddy.. they always look a little worse for wear because of their eyes but so adorable💖

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