44 thoughts on “Sunrise, Birds, Contrail, Towers, Sunset

    • Thanks, RN. We get some great colors out here. Have you been to New Mexico in your extensive travels?

      • I have been to New Mexico- but I think really just Sante Fe. I usually do national parks and I’m not sure how I missed White Sands so I’ll have to go back!

      • There are the badlands, Shiprock, and Chaco Canyon in northwestern NM. There’s Peco’s National Park SE of Santa Fe. We have 13 National Monuments in New Mexico, also. White Sands as you mentioned, and a lot of cool features in western NM around Silver City.

    • I’m not sure if it was the same hummer, but they kept hovering in front of me teasing me. Thanks, Dale.

      • That is so cool. I have never seen a hummer near my house. Ever. My mother used to have a bunch when she lived up north. Of course, if I had the proper flowers or a feeder, I might change the story 😉

      • We have lots of hummers, but only a couple of types in the valley.

  1. A lovely set of photos, Tim. You are getting more clouds, and more colorful sunrises and sunsets, than we are now. The forecast is for hot and clear up here for the next two days.

    • The thunderheads build up, but produce little rain. We having only received 0.13 inch of rain in July so far. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • I agree. Read the new EV hummer has a very high carbon footprint. Most small gas cars are cleaner than that 9000-pound beast. Thanks, Couriers.

  2. All great shots Tim!
    The dove is my fave. What a beauty!
    Those towers don’t look like where you live. It looks like another planet…. a planet near the planet ANT-10, where Marina found the aliens.

    • I think the hummers can see themselves in the lens glass. They like to hover near me, but when I point the lens at them, they move to one side or the other and hover just out of view. It’s really annoying. Thanks, Brian.

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