Crane Quartet

These guys were really singing tonight.

Trio landing.

Venus at dawn.

Jupiter and moons.

I mentioned the fluorescent bulb that caught on fire when I was twisting it out of the sockets yesterday and gave me inspiration for the Jaywalking song. I recovered the burned sockets this morning and photographed them. In the few seconds it took me to twist the bulb out of the socket, the flames melted the socket as shown in the photo.

54 thoughts on “Crane Quartet

  1. I love the cranes and sky images, Tim. They are peaceful and beautiful to look at. The fried tube sockets are amazing in their mode of failure. It sounds like you got all that changed out just in time. How old were those fixtures?

    • The fixtures are 15 years old. The ballast had been changed in that fixture at some point. It’s amazing that it has been sitting there and only a little movement caused it to burst into flames. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • You are welcome Cheyenne. Thy really turn up to volume and have different levels of highs and low clucking. Thanks, for dropping by.

  2. I wonder what they’re singing. They seem to be enjoying it very much! Gorgeous images!
    On the burnt sockets… have I told you that as a kid I loved sticking metal pins in the sockets to see tiny sparkles?!!!! Yep… I did! 😉

  3. They do look like they are singing at the top of their lungs! All the crane photos are superb. And I do love those skies. You blow me away with the Jupiter and moons capture! And seriously. Those sockets are scary. Makes you wonder if a shake of the building would have been enough to set them off… yikes!

  4. Lovely cranes, thanks for sharing, Tim! I was just helping my husband switch out our fluorescent bulbs in the kitchen (with a very old ballast) last week and almost the same thing happened, quite scary, glad you are okay!

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t have a larger fire. A fire with fluorescents can become nasty very fast. Part of the reason why FD’s hate office building fires.

    • I can’t same if it’s the same cranes, but they are among the same cranes that roost on the sandbar every night. The cranes are very talented and very noisy with there talents. Thanks, JYP.

  6. I can imagine the racket those Sandhills were making in that first shot. Would not have expected those sockets to catch fire – melted them pretty good.

  7. Those cranes are showing off Tim.. I can hear them all the way here.. lol. Of course your pics are amazing. Good recovery on those sockets but now what are you going to do with them?🤣💖

  8. I was groovin’ on all your amazing shots. Then I was shocked when I saw the last shock…erm… shot..
    I might need a rest when I leave here!

    • Thanks, Resa. I got all the lights changed out in the building now without any more fires and no real shocks. I changed out 86 light fixtures in our side of the building by myself and helped with the 55 light fixtures in the tenant’s side of the building (I had to show the electricains how to change the fixtures and then I helped had stuff up and take stuff out). When all the lights in both sides of the building were on with the fluorescent fixtures we would be using 16,920 watts (three 40w bulbs per fixture. 141 X 120w = 16,920w) I have the LED fixtures I replaced the fluorescent fixtures with set to 25 watts each. That means that if all the lights are on in the building we are only using 3,525 watts.

      • Amazing!
        I especially like the part where you “had to show the electricians how to change the fixtures”.
        So much work, yet you still take pics, blog, raise cats and beasts, work on the land, do good deeds…… whew!

      • When we got the first demo lights, I waited for the electrician to install them. He said he had no idea how to install them. He didn’t see how they would work. I got out the instructions and installed them, and showed him how to do it in case someone else asks him to install similar lights. When I hired the other electricians to install the 55 lights on the tenant’s side they did not know how to install the lights either, so I had to install the first one to show them how to do it. I gut all the components for the fluorescent lights and only the 2 x 4 can is left for the LED light to go in. It’s a really nicely designed retrofit.

      • You are amazing. Now, all these electricians can do this job!
        Does education begin from now on in?
        Or, does education begin from the beginning?

    • They were singing at the top of their birdie lungs. If you haven’t experienced Sandhill cranes it’s hard to image how load they CAN BE. Thanks, KT.

      • I don’t recall being around any cranes. The closest I’ve come to anything like them are egrets—or as we commonly refer to them here, tick-birds.

  9. These are all amazing photographs but honestly that second shot is so good Tim it looks like an amazing painting. You have such a God given gift. My hugs and love to you two. xooxo

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