56 thoughts on “No Color

  1. Magnificent pics, Tim. The orchids are gorgeous, and the last pic reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. Something about the way the clouds are all scattered about…is beautiful.

  2. Amazeballs!
    The painter does love surprises and I loved the way you worded it.
    In the last pic, I would have guessed it’s the Sun had you not mentioned it‘s the moon.
    After all, the Moon has no light of its own and reflects the Sun’s, so the confusion does stay at times 🤷‍♀️
    The orchids look perfect in a black background!

    • Thanks, Sam. And you hit the moon nail on the head. People often ask how to photograph the moon and get detail. It’s reflecting sunlight, so it has to be exposed for sunlight, but all the dark details are smothered in darkness. Auto settings on cameras get confused because the moon is a bright object in darkness and the auto-exposure can’t average out and compensate for the contrast, so the moon looks like the sun shining in darkness to get some detail of everything that is in the darkness. Does that make sense?

  3. Cracked up clouds gave me the impression
    Somewhat of a
    Van Gogh painting

    The crimson orchid is so outrageous and beautiful. Where did you find her.
    My green buds of orchid of just yesterday just splashed out all in white.

    The painter behind the sunset was having fun with you.

    • Thanks, abvr. My wife bought the orchid at a grocery store. You are the second person to mention Van Gogh on the last photo.

      • These crimsons without a blemish are rare.
        I have a white one as well with red wine spots.
        Gorgeous flowers.
        Oh, someone have eyes like mine.
        Mine immediately saw the master painter in your photo.

  4. I enjoyed all three photos, Tim, especially the last one. Your painter gave you a amazing moon scene through the veil of evening altocumulus.

    I cleared here during the night. 26 degrees before sunrise, and old Jack Frost had been busy painting everything silvery white in the wee hours.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. We had the same temp this morning. A little warmer from the single digits over the weekend.

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