Well Hung

Paint hard at work at dawn

Get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking about the clouds and the gate I installed today.

The painter was up at dawn working at a furious pace on the well-hung morning clouds and kept it up until after I got to work.

I installed the gate today that I ordered back in August that finally came in last week. The middle photo shows the sprung latch that I had custom-made by an artesian in Canada because I could not find any of the sprung latches in the US of A. They use to be common on garden gates, but there were none to be found. They were probably outlawed for some stupid reason, so we might have a fugitive latch. The gate is well hung if I might say so.

The painter was in a lavender mood tonight as gnarly clouds rolled in at sunset and were well hung hanging over gnarly trees.

74 thoughts on “Well Hung

  1. I’m glad you captured that glorious sunrise! It was one that produced that pink glow even in my house.
    I agree the gate is well hung. 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. The dawn glow went on and on this morning. It’s usually pretty much got by the time I get to work. I’m really happy with the gate, It fit perfectly.

  2. The sky was beautiful, and you captured it well. I like the gate. It seems to be getting harder to find things these days. I am sometimes surprised by what I can’t find anymore.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. When I ordered the gate the website said there were 80 available in the warehouse. I think the warehouse was a container ship. It took four months to get one gate and only a week to get 54 light fixtures.

    • Thanks, Jeff. I burned up one diamond tipped bit drilling into the concrete. fortunately I had another bit to finish the job. It wasn’t too bad.

      • When I hung fire escape plans at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, the cafeteria had some tile that was almost impossible to drill. I went through 3 bits to get two frames hung. I walked into the science building and it had that same tile up to 5 feet on all the walls. I had 20 frames to hang in that building. I got the 15 pound double-sided sticky tape and taped the frames on the tile. I would have broken the budget buying diamond tipped bits otherwise.

  3. So many jokes.. so little time ha – Definitely partial to the purple/yellow/orang3e composites and really like those sky shots. Nice job with the gate – it is a shame there wasn’t someone local that is carrying on that tradition. I hope that gate doesn’t get cold and shrink on you (drum roll please)

    • Hahahah. Shrink right! Not when it’s so well hung. It’s a sad state of affairs getting locals to do stuff these days. Thanks, Brain.

  4. Lustful eyes
    Glutton or is there another word
    Chowing the dawn and the night skies
    Insatiable eyes.

    And those sprung latch gates bring back fond memories

      • Hi Timothy, no i wont say we dont have them anymore. They shifted post through the years and no longer serve as a front gate to a private house and are mostly setup in the inner court of the home.
        They are not fit for purpose as in safety and security as per the current climate.

        You welcome.

      • That is a very good point. All the latches are made for security these days. For the office, we don’t need a locking gate, it’s mainly to keep kids and dogs (we are a dog friendly office) from getting out of the patio area.

      • Yes, it’s such a pity, the trade has taken a huge knock. The burglar bars of yesteryear were ornamental too and served its purpose, much like the sprung latch gates. Now it’s high-tech security services.
        Times have changed. It always does. One comes to feel it and see it after a while.
        All in good stead I pray.

  5. The painter did a very good job and provided the photographer some beautiful scenes to work with.
    The new gate looks very good, a fine result after waiting patiently…

    • “Wicked we stand, limp we fall!” Or something like that. Don’t tell anyone, but after the poor performance by the painter the night before, I told her she needed to get with it because you needed those colors in these dark days. She got my point. Thanks, Marina.

  6. The gate, that is a nice one. It’s better than what you can get from wrought ironworks fabrication these days. The spring latch says you did some looking around. Harder to find than one would imagine.

    • There ware no spring latches to be found in the US. I had this on custom-made in Canada. Like abvr in South Africa mentioned, latches are all security these days. Thanks, David.

  7. Ahem! I was thing “Christmas Tree ornaments.

    That first shot is spectacular. My and Gi’s trees… I believe.
    My & Gi’s & whose tree in the first tile?
    Whose tree is in the 3rd tile?
    The lavenders – #5 = Marina’s – #6 = Dale’s.
    Such fun!

    • The 3rd tile are trees along Alameda Blvd. That was a drive by. Right on the lavender shots. Thanks, Resa.

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