Take That! And That! And That…

…and that you pesky pathetic paparazzo pretending to be a poet!

Silver’s reactions to my latest poem I recited to him:

Free-range dust bunnies
Frolicking around the floor
Evasive moves
Hop over brooms
Impossible to corral
Dust bunnies freely roam
Frolicking on the floor
I dropped my buttered toast
Dust bunny’s now a ghost



Eat this paw sandwich!

Do I really have to listen to this?

Talk to the paw!

AAAARG! I’ll scratch your eyes out!

58 thoughts on “Take That! And That! And That…

  1. Silver being Silver. 🙂 Of course I love Silver, too. I think he was just reaching out to touch his dad. ❤️🙂

  2. 🤣 I enjoyed this poem and Silver’s reaction. Good to know the dust bunnies are free-range and natural and all. Being dropped on the floor is an unfortunate ending for a piece of buttered toast. I was expecting Silver to knock that coffee mug off the counter, which would be an unfortunate ending for a coffee mug.

  3. Silver’s being too tough on you! This was great. Those dust bunnies will forever rule the roost. I have decided to accept that I’ll not be able to corral them all – plus they multiply over night…

    • Those dust bunnies are never ending, except for once in a while when you drop your toast on one. There must be a law behind dropped toast landing buttered side down. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • Lewis is brutally honest, so no matter what anyone else thinks, I know where my songs really stand by his judgement. He happens to be one of the best musicians ever. He’s amazing.

  4. These made me giggle. If there isn’t a saying about the value of keeping your critics close to home, there ought to be. That cup looks to be in danger.

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