60 thoughts on “Lavender Twist

    • She was rolling around, batting at the other kitties and me, /she was having a great time. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • She is a sweetheart. She’s starting to lie on my lap and little and is the only kitty brave enough to come out into the same room with Jake. Thanks, Susan.

    • It’s one of many poses she struck during her wild rampage rolling around on the cat tree swatting at the other cats and me. Thanks, JYP.

      • Chiropractor is not a part of my vocabulary, so I was being dense. Glenda does ok, but Gwendolyn was in serious need of help a couple of weeks ago. Her back legs were not working right. All the vets were full. I finally got her into a nearby vet in the late afternoon. In their wild playing or she jumped up on something a fell down, she had a concussion on her spinal chord. The vet gave her a steroid injection and then I had to give her anti-imflamatories for a few days. She’s back to normal being as wild as ever. I keep reminding her of her sad condition, but she ignores me.

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