56 thoughts on “Colorscapes

  1. You are surrounded by beauty. This may be the first shot of the water I’ve seen here. I’m with Marina , there are words to express how truly beautiful this is.

  2. Spectacular colourscapes… We’ve had clouds and rain so this is all the lovelier to look at!
    Have a fantabulous Friday, Tim!

  3. Autumn is regal where you live! So happy I know you and get to see such natural beauty.
    I’ve got to get back to the gown room. I hope to get everything done today… at least facing 1 way.
    Been drizzling here for days.
    The forecast is grey and gloomy. They are threatening a mix of sun and clouds for the next 2 days, then back to rain, then mixed.
    A mix of sun and clouds could just mean lighter grey… but I’ll be ready for any sun I get.
    I do have 2 small spots. They’re okay for a few shots, but you can’t replace the sun.
    Shooting my Art Gowns is the highlight of my creative life!

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