59 thoughts on “Geese On Gold

      • I took the kittens to the vet for booster shots. They were like Tasmanian Devils when I put them into the carriers. It’s been a year since they’ve been in carriers and they did not like them one bit. They howled and meowed all the way to the car, but were silent during the ride to the vet. I took them out of the car at the vet, and they started meowing again. I think they have forgiven me.

      • You put a smile on my face. I can visualize all of them meowing. Actually I can hear them. Maya and Mr. Churchill do the same. Yet, once at the vet, Maya stops. She looks around and it’s like she does not see the other cats and dogs. She has no reactions in the waiting room. I do not think Maya believes she is a cat. I think she thinks she is a person.

  1. Love the geese on golden pond! Stunning shot.
    The sunset is spectacular. I shouldn’t have put my Roget’s back in the bookcase. It should just live by my laptop.

  2. Wow Tim what a beautiful golden water photograph that is and I agree those birds are right together. Great shot. They are such beautiful birds, ever notice how they always look so incredibly peaceful. Beautiful and yes the painter was busy. Love Joni

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