Saturday Night’s Alright For Writing

This is the second parody I made back in 2017. I hadn’t upgraded my darkroom to double as a recording studio at that time, so I recorded it in the dance room using the mics in my computer. The recording wasn’t too bad other than being very tinny. I imported the original sound file into Studio One and clean up the vocals. I think a lot of writers who follow my blog will appreciate this parody.

Saturday Night’s Alright for Writing
Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Timothy Price

It’s getting late I found my PaperMate
I’m procrastinating sitting here
Seventy lines that I gotta pine
I have modifiers dangling near

My old Mac’s bonkers and it’s acting kind of funky
And my old adage is to be clear
My writing is cute like a guy in army Boots
A cowboy hat in his hair

Don’t give us none of your imagination
Write facts be on your discipline
Cause Saturday night’s alright for writing
Let’s get a little action verbiage in

Let’s get about as riled as an op-ed rage
Let’s try to set this page alight
Cause writing on a Saturday night I like
Saturday night’s alright
to write to write
Ooooo oo-oo oh

A lot of words are getting packed in here tonight
I’m looking for a phrase that will seem alright
I might use an antecedent to get what I need
I might bare an infinitive and shout out “conditionally”

Some of the words that I really like
Are future perfect voicing that are out of sight
I’m a high school dropout from the ergative class
Who’s passive voices, dangled modified and got a pass

Don’t give us none of your imagination
Write facts be on your discipline
Cause Saturday night’s alright for writing
Let’s get a little action verbiage in

Let’s get about as riled as an op-ed rage
Let’s try to set this page alight
Cause writing on Saturday night I like
A Saturday night’s alright
to write to write
Oooooo oo-oo ooh

95 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s Alright For Writing

    • HI David. If you think the parody sucks, just say so. Snarky comments about my hair are not appreciated. That’s how it grew back after a lot of intense chemo, as you should recall.

  1. Well done in getting rid of the tinniness, Timothy. Easier on the hearing! The first, of your efforts I caught every word of and had a laugh at the same time. Great effort! Cheers.

  2. A great way to start my Sunday: having an espresso and watching a good music video! It brings back my days with the Macintosh SE 30 too…

    • Thanks, Herman. It’s amazing what we did with those tiny screens. Now we all have dual 24 to 30 inch monitors.

      • Some days I’m in a nostalgic mood when I think about music or movies. But getting nostalgic about tiny slow computers… I don’t think so!

      • It’s not nostalfia as much as amazement. BTW I have a Macbook Pro 16 with an Apple M1 Max chip with 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine, 64GB unified memory, and 2TB SSD storage on order. I have been waiting for Apple to come out with a Macbook Pro 16 with the M1 processor. I debated a long time on what size SSD to get. I finally decided on the 2TB SSD, and I’m getting a 24TB network-attached storage for a few hundred more than the 4TB SSD and a whole lot less than the 8TB SSD.

      • Wow, looking forward to see what you think about it when it arrives. The specs are very impressive! I’m still waiting for a new 27 inch iMac (Pro?) with the new M1 chip.

      • The 27 inch iMac will be really nice, also. They might have a M2 chip for that one. I’m also getting Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro with my Macbook 16. The M1 Macs have been really great so far. We have 17 Macs with M1 chips at the office and Laurie has a Macbook Air M1.

      • I’m really looking forward to get a new Mac with the new ‘M’ chip inside. My current iMac model is from late 2014 and still going fine. But once in a while you need to give yourself a little present… 😉
        I’m sure you’re going to like Logic Pro. Let’s hope the AWB will love it too…

  3. I remember the song,! I enjoyed your parody. So the darkroom doubles as a recording studio now? That should work well for sound isolation. I remember some of those older posts when you were building the darkroom, and all the work that went into it. I am still impressed by all you do. I wish I had those skills.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The darkroom works pretty well. It also gives me a secure space to store guitars and equipment.

      • We are having some really wild weather at the moment. Could be one of those nights where we lose power. Cats are vacating the window seat due to wind gusts.

      • We have really nice weather. But I think that is supposed to change by Tuesday.

  4. So while I was here visiting yesterday, listening to this fabulous parody (love, love)
    a nut case kicked in the front door which is all glass in a frame. He’s caught on Norm’s security camera, police came, repair guy came. We had a very late dinner, as the door had to be fixed asap.
    It’s almost like our caged in area has become its own town…No Town!
    It’s an organic un-happening, de-civilization.

      • Yes, it was scary. Fortunately there is another door inside, like a weather vestibule entrance. The cops came before he could get to the second inside door!

      • Makes sense. Were were tossing around ideas of where we’d like to move, then the pandemic hit!
        8 hours of EVAC today!
        OMG! I should shoot some video of the gown! Was toying with the idea of a parody to Under The Boardwalk…. Up on the Catwalk, and using the Art Gowns. Just a thought.

      • I’m game for anything you want to try. Video of the gowns would be good. Mabe video of yourself in the gowns? Even better.

      • It’s certainly enough to drive you crazy. It seems like a great place for gowns from your photos, but being an old building in downtown, I know about all the issues that go with those two.

      • I’m hoping there will be a just right day before I post. Norm said he’d carry her (Holly helped name her, but y0u’ll have to wait for the surprise) out into our streets cage. Could get some interesting shots!

  5. Whooo hoo party on my friend in your old dig dance floor.
    As soon as I see you I smile and then laugh. So fun, uplifting, funny and GREAT lyrics Timothy~.
    You’re outfit and faces were awesome.. Thanks for the fun morning song.
    Sharing now with others.. 👏👏👏👏 Take a bow.

  6. This was one of your best videos I think, although I like them all. Your lyrics were great and I loved the computer, too funny. Hysterical really, Scott was laughing so hard. You really are funny Tim, I loved the tongue and the tie too. So entertaining, you put so much work into these but everyone loves watching them. Multi-talented friend. Sending hugs to you too, Love Joni

      • We really did. I had the volume on my computer full blast and Scott was making lunch and he said is that Tim. So he came in and started listening to the lyrics with me and we were both cracking up. Great lyrics by the way, music, singing it was great. We couldn’t get over the cranes, those shots were amazing. So talented Tim. ❤️🤗🦉🦩

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