A Colorful Fifteen

Bosque and riverscapes from different areas along the Rio Grande.

Cindy’s Santa Cynthia Tree. Shey’s Tree. Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree

57 thoughts on “A Colorful Fifteen

  1. Oh Tim – what a wonderful collection of sky photos. We are waiting for a huge wind storm and rain – the skies are darkening….. Perfect weather for Halloween.

  2. What an amazing rush of colours, with that vivid sky! My favourite is the 2nd image, because the mirroring river shows another mood, like from another time, than the skies.

  3. These are all beautiful photos, Tim. You have some of my favorite river and Sandias scenes in there, too.

    We lost power for about 4 hrs yesterday. This storm was working its way north from northern California up through Oregon and Washington and is supposed to hit Vancouver, British Columbia today.

    • You are welcome, Resa. Your tree might go to full yellow this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Tim, I’m always waiting for a tree breakthrough!!!
        Listening to “Saturday Night”.
        It’s been a bit of a passion…cleaning, trimming ..omg.. the planets are shedding like crazy!
        Focusing on staging the new Art Gown!

  4. I could never get tired of looking at your gorgeous photographs of the sky there. It is like God is blessing the sky right above you all the time. These are stunning photographs. Thank you for sharing them all with us. Sending lots of love and hugs to you two. xoxoxoxo

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