69 thoughts on “Bumble In The Jungle

  1. I don’t know which is more lovely, the sunflowers or the sky. And the bee is no slouch either. All the colors are so crisp and sharp they just jump out at a person. Wow!!

      • No, I’m not, and I’ll tell you why. I looked into it when I saw the link you provided to previous comments on your post, and its conditions for entering were off-putting—one has to buy HER book to enter the contest. To me, that smacks of self-promotion and a way to increase sales of HER book. I wouldn’t mind a small entry fee—lots of contests require it—but this is the first one I’ve seen that you have to use a poem from the book of the person running the contest for inspiration. Sounds fishy to me.

      • Actually you don’t have to buy her book. She has a lot of the poems from the book posted on her blog. It is self-promotion and when you publish a book, you need to promote it. I have no problem with that. I think she’s just trying to see what kind of inspiration readers get out of her poems. She’s not doing anything fishy. And she is offering a decent prize package. I’ve entered photo art and music contests in the past. Gabriela’s book is a fraction of the cost of most entry fees to art, photo and music contests. Also, if you have an Amazon Prime account and a Kindle, her book is free for Prime members (I could have downloaded a free Kindle version of her book on my Amazon Prime). But I certainly respect your reservations about it.

  2. What an ovation to September! Painter skies and bumblebee buzzing by the sunflowers! Bliss!!! Thank you, my friend. Now this month looks prosperous! 😊 Happy wonderful September, Tim!

    • Happy September, Marina. Oannes kicked September off with a lovely piano piece by Fanny Mendelssohn. I have sunflowers, bumblebee and sky to complement Fanny’s lovely piece.

    • It varies. These were taken with my iPhone 12 mini. I often use my 400 mm lens and then crop. I have a macro lens, but I haven’t used it in a very long time. Thanks, Rockbabylove.

      • I was going to buy a super-wide-angle zoom lens for my Fuji X-E1, and decided to buy the iPhone 12 mini instead. The iPhone gives me and optical zoom of 13mm to 26mm. I was pleasantly surprised how well the photos held their sharpness when I crop them to macros. I got a 100mm macro lens in early 2012. In November 2012 I got a 70-200mm L lens. I discovered I could crop images to magro level and have decent depth of field using the 70-200mm lens. Early this year I bought a 400mm DO lens. My minimum focus is 3.5 meters, but that allows me to get insects that won’t let me get close at all with other lenses. The 400mm DO is sharper than the 70-200mm L lens, so it really crops well to macro level in camera raw.

      • Oh wow, I’m surprised to hear, that you shoot macros with a 400 lens. I nevet thought about good results with such a lens because of shaking. Very interesting, I think, I will give it a try by lending a lens next summer 😊

      • You need a light weight 400mm lens with good image stabilization. The Canon 400mm DO I’m using at 1.8Kg is easy to handle and I can hold it steady. I don’t think I could hold the 5Kg 400mm ƒ/2.8 steady even with the image stabilization.

      • Have fun trying on lenses. I don’t think we have any camera stores left in our city that carry professional cameras and lenses.

    • Thanks, Holly. We have a lot of bumblebees. I think more this year than I’ve seen before. They must be leaving Florida and heading west.

      • Hubby was doing yard work and got stung just below his eye and his face swole up twice it’s size. . I was worried about anaphylaxis but of course he would not go to the dr or Er ( of course you can’t get in the Er here these days). So I’m afraid if he gets Stung again it could get worse. I’ve been stung many times. There is something about red hair that infuriates them. I always thought they could only sting you once but on the farm one got me on the cheek and swung right around and stung me on the other one!

      • That’s the bad part for sure. Wasps are beneficial in that they eat a lot of bad insects, they are bad in that they will sting us. Depending on the type of wasp or bee, so can sting multiple times. You should definitely work on getting rid of the ones that are pestering you and your hubby. My cousin who was not allergic, and had been stung many times, got stung on the head, he was by himself, went into anaphylaxis shock and died, because no one was around to help. A doctor friend who is a toxicologist said you don’t have to be allergic to have an anaphylaxis reaction. It’s scary to think about that.

      • It sounds like you should get a no wasp treatment. You can probably get government funding if you say it’s for “No WASP” treatment.

  3. The sunflowers are sweet. Like GIANT yellow daisies, they hold their own with the cottonwoods.

    So many clouds that I love. I looked at what I already have, not posted… not that it matters if I post twice. There’s much to go with the gown, when it’s done. Yet, I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I look at your pics.

    LOL… I started beading a diamond (ish) panel for the centre front of the bodice. I think it’s working!!!

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