Miss Mantis Models

Miss Mantis models
On a sunny sunflower
Sassy she can be

Miss Mantis hitched I ride on me as I made my way from the car to the house through our sunflower forest. I felt something walking around on the back of my arm giving me little love pinches. After I put down a load of books, my briefcase and some framed pictures I was taking inside, I looked at my arm, and there was Miss Mantis enjoying the ride. I put her on a plant on the deck until I got everything put away. I walked back out to the plant, and she was there waiting. I put out my hand, she hopped onto it and I took her out to a sunflower where she was a very good model. I didn’t want to leave her in the plants on the deck because the cats would get her. I had to rescue a praying mantis from the kittens few nights ago.

53 thoughts on “Miss Mantis Models

  1. Another life saved. You’re get hero! She is beautiful and worth saving. Amazing photos. My cat likes to stalk lizard’s. He’s usually too fast for them and me.

    • Thanks, Holly. Our kitties like going after lizards, also. Cats are fast and excellent hunters.

  2. o_O
    That’s quite brave- I don’t know if this is the result of growing up in an ultra metropolitan place like Mumbai where the only greenery is the park an hour away or the weeds determined to ruin our roads, but if there’s an insect that’s close to me, I just s c o o t and run for my l i f e
    We never kill them, though. My friends often make fun of me, ’cause if there’s flies annoying me, I don’t get the racket out- I just take my stuff to another room… they think it’s HILARIOUS!! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
    Lovely photos- I’m sure she’s quite popular amongst the Mantis Magazines (;

  3. Gorgeous stills of the graceful model! 😌 The Sun in the first pic is glorious. I don’t understand how you managed to capture that so well…
    Stunning pictures! 👌💖

    • Thanks, Cindy. It sure is better than being eaten. I saw 4 kitties in a circle messing with something last night. When I investigated it was a praying mantis holding off 4 cats. She had her wings spread in a defensive posture against the cats. She flew up on my hand when I leaned over to pick her up. I put her safely outside. I had to put out a great big moth 3 times last night.

      The other night I was proof reading Laurie’s paper for her medieval studies class. Gwendolyn came bounding across the keyboard in pursuit of a moth. She deleted the paper, and rearranged all of Laurie’s tabs in 4 steps across the keyboard. We recovered the paper and we think we got all the extra cat-like typing out of it. It’s amazing how much damage they can do to files walking across keyboards.

      I just finished taking down the torn up cardboard box jungle in the dance room. I found various mouse parts in the mess of cardboard. Never a dull moment with cats.

      • oh wow, that’s so cool the praying mantis knew you were safe.. sweet.. Oh pandemonium.. lol.
        They sure do cause havoc. I keep finding lizard tales in the house too.. hahaha💖

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