The Goatlet Next Door

The thunderheads building up in the west were taking after Resa’s Tree.

Our neighbor’s goat had a goatlet (kid). The photos in the gallery below were taken this afternoon. The goatlet was 26 hours old when I took the photos. Click on a photo in the gallery for a slideshow.

Laurie holding the goatlet shows how little or big it is for a 26 hour old goatlet

The above video is of thunderheads dancing. Turn up the volume and enjoy the show.

The painter was in a lavender/gray, blue and white mood for the sunset tonight. Looking west.

Sunset looking east.

77 thoughts on “The Goatlet Next Door

  1. Day One – Get born. Night One – Survive the Predators. Day Two – Into the herd. At least that is how it is
    with wild goats.🐐🐐🐐 (MS needs to work on their goat emoji a little more.)

    • I can imagine wild goats have to fend off a lot of preditors. Eric has a nice goat shed to help thawrt the preditors. There are a lot of lacking emojis these days. Thanks, David.

    • HI Leen. Goat season, I geuss. I don’t need an interactive goat statue for my man cave (music studio/darkroom). I can hear the neighbor’s goats from the north and another neighbor’s sheep from the southwest. I get goat and sheep baying in stereo. And often another neighbor’s donkey joins in on the chorus.

      • Sounds heavily compared to me hearing planes, freeway traffic, emergency vehicles, and the jerk currently setting off professional level fireworks.

      • We still get the sound of planes (commercial, military, and recreational), freeway traffic, trains, emergency vehicles, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and chippers mixed in with the goats, sheep, donkeys, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, coyotes, Coopers Hawks, and chirping birds. I haven’t heard fireworks this year so far.

      • We virtually never get a break from fireworks. They were really bad last night and will be horrific on the 4th.

        I’m 5 miles from an airport and under the ascension path. The return of commercial and lear jets has been a system shock.

        The best wild animal sound I get is hummmingbirds. Years ago, we had a pea hen for a couple days. NOISY!!!

      • I fondly remember the nights, a year ago, when I sat on my front porch at 3am… feeling safe and enjoying the quiet!!

      • When I get up and three am to let in the irrigation water, it’s often very quiet.

      • Are you anywhere close to where the LA bomb disposal truck blew up when they were detonating illegal fireworks?

      • The explosion is impressive on the video. LA is going to have a lot of law suits of that catastrophe.

    • Thanks PBS. The goatlet is adorable. When Eric put the goatlet back with its mother, it started nursing and wagging its little tail. It was so cute.

  2. Cutemess overdose… those ears!!!!!
    Thunderheads are impressive though I see someone’s not so happy with them!!! 🀣🀣🀣😹😹😹
    Painter painter, you never cease to amaze!!!!

    • Glenda does not like thunder and lighting. She’s giving a headbanger yell at the end. The goatlet is and overdose of adorable. Thanks, Marina.

  3. Glad the goatlet immediately started nursing. Otherwise get the bottle, at least that was the way with the cattle. Yesterday our place had, as you so aptly put it, ‘professional grade fireworks’ on both sides of our place. One of the worse things Indiana did was legalize Class 1.4 G.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. Leen is the one who is dealing with neighbors igniting “Professional Grade” fireworks. I have not heard any out here so far. Maybe people are having enough sense to not light fireworks in a drought during cotton storms. The City of Albuquerque will put on its firework show tomorrow night.

      • We had goats when I was young, and so did most of the farmers out here. I remember having many battles with butting billygoats. Billygoats can be really ornery. We had some pretty ornery horses, shetland ponies and burros, also. And now I have ornery cats. Hmmm! Maybe I’m an ornary animal magnet.

  4. Marvelous skies and goatlet! I love the photo of Laurie holding the goatlet, and the video of the clouds too, with its spectacular ending!

  5. The sun looks like a star on top of a cloud tree in the first photo, and the goatling was very sweet! Sunset clouds from your area are always a treat!

    The kitty at the end of the video has a nice set of teeth. Which kitty was that?

  6. I love beginnings, first days, the possibilities of continuing. Babies are the best gift. Please give my hugs to the goatlet next door!

  7. Goat hugging should be available somewhere all the time…if it’s okay with the goats. So very, very sweet and adorable. Hope the baby has a long and loving life. You certainly have great looking skies.

    • BTW They have goat yoga in town. I understand people do yoga with goats standing on them. I’m not sure what the point is other than trying to be different.

      • Yes, safe and sound. Thanks for asking. After that big flood (where some construction company blocked arroyos for their subdivisions (20 years ago or so) most of the city is listed as being in a flood plain… but it really isn’t. There have been flash flood watches all week, but I’m not aware of any problems. Not that I would be, but… you know.

      • That’s good. Carlsbad got hit pretty hard. We are bone dry up here and the Pecos is flooding down south.

      • Glad to know ya’ll are safe. Yesterday, right beside my old neighborhood in DC, there was a tornado. Not strange for the southeast, but DC is in a weird sort of pocket. They almost never get tornadoes. Anyhow, have a great holiday tomorrow.

  8. All such delightful photos, especially the new kid. We have a new human one in the family, and we’re over the moon, dancing in the clouds as Rebecca says!

    • Congratulations, Mary Jo. And to the wonderful parents. We need many more human kids in this country and the world, contrary to the doomsayers’ mythologies. I knew the clouds had a good reason to dance!

    • Hi Tiffany. That’s a good description of Laurie. We were trying to figure out what her look was. Thanks.

  9. Fab opening pic, Tim!
    My tree is magnificent!
    Okay that goatlet is cuter than cute. I’ve always adored goats.
    Thank you for all the sweet shots…irresistable!

  10. I always love your amazing skies, Timothy. And the baby goat is delightful, bless him.

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