52 thoughts on “Flowers Between Brushes & Pieces of Rainbow

    • The blooms see all the drama that goes on around them each day. I would think they have lots of stories to tell. Thanks, Rebecca.

  1. You have some amazing beautiful flowers!
    Is that Gi’s tree, left side third shot, or Tiffany’s tree?
    What direction are you shooting?

    OMG!!! They are beginning to do our sidewalk!

    • Hi Resa. That’s Gi’s tree in the thrid photo. Both your tree and her tree and in the second photo, and the top of your tree is in the first photo.

    • Thanks, Joni. Have you made it to Frumpy Man yet? You will get a laugh out of it.

  2. Beautiful display, Timothy. I couldn’t take my eyes off that top image – enthralling!

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