61 thoughts on “Hummers

  1. Tim – I know that you used a camera to takes these amazing photos but they have an ethereal quality that moves them beyond mere pixels. Brilliant.

  2. I took some photos of hummingbirds today. I got a clear photo of the bird’s body but the wings are moving so fast it almost looks like they are not there. Feisty little birds, to be sure–They never back down from a good fight.

    • Hi Mary. That’s great when you can use a slower shutter speed for blurred wings and get a clear body. They are always starting fights. They are brawlers.

    • Thanks, Mia. It’s nice to see you. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you all are doing well.

      • Thank you, Tim! Likewise, my thoughts are never far away. All is as is should be, hanging in there. Wishing you, Laurie, the kitties, birds, etc. well, and all of your loved ones too!

      • We are well. I have all our staff in the new office. We are out of the deplorable downtown. We celebrated the Kittens’ one year birthday on the 4th. I posted a video with a new, experimental song. I’m thinking the song didn’t work out that well, but the kittens are cute and the fireworks are fun. We took Tristan’s dog, Jake, to the beach on Father’s day. He didn’t find the surf in the Rio Grande very inviting, but the sand was good for many rolls. Is the surf up for you all?

      • Wonderful to read your reply. Nice, “we are well”, good news. Congratulations on the move. Happy birthday to the girls! Maybe Jake needs to warm up to the beach, how about a boogie board for him? ๐Ÿ™‚ The surf was surf-able this evening with little wind. Usually there a good afternoon wind so many surf the jetty because the waves are too blown out, but today: the cliffs (beach-break), thanks for asking!

      • Jake just needs to learn to swim. Sounds like a good surf. I think you heard Life’s Habit. I made a video with photos I did of surfers in San Diego. Surfing is really fun to watch.

      • It is fun to watch! Been watching some of the wave-pool competition recently, pretty amazing with wild-good talent. San Diego is lovely! Wishing you a belated Happy 4th!

      • Did people go wild with fireworks in you area? Are you anywhere near where LAPD blew up their bomb truck trying to dispose of home made fireworks? I heard people when nuts out here, but there was nothing out of the ordinary in Corrales, maybe less that other years.

      • Yes unfortunately. Not too near, in the same county though. LA county is pretty large. Tragic what happened, a lot of injuries. Glad you had a nice and reasonable 4th. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I see there was a big explosion of fireworks on the beach in Ocean City, also.

      • Suprisingly, our cats are not bothered by fireworks or hot air balloons. I was wondering how the kittens would react, since this was their first encounter with fireworks on their 1st birthday. They laid out on the deck in the comfy flower pot and chaise lounge and looked on with curiosity at the flashes through the trees, not bothered at all by the bangs and booms. Maybe they considered it a celebration of their birthday.

      • G&G brave fireworks, but anoyone besides Laurie and me come into the house, they scatter and hid.

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