57 thoughts on “Quick Change Sky

  1. That’s just cray-cray!
    Meanwhile, today, I got caught in a deluge not once but twice this evening.
    I went about my evening, supper and when I sat down at 9, I saw the reflection of the sky in a building across the street. I then cursed myself for not having made my way to the river for a spectacular sunset. Sigh. If I didn’t have to drive out there to capture it…

    • That’s a sad state of being having to drive to the river to photograph the sunset. We got a major downpour yesterday afternoon. We were sitting on the deck with family and the driving rain was so loud we had to yell at each other to be heard over the rain.

      • It is!
        I had to change EVERYTHING when I got home. I was soaked through! LOL. Of course, the second drenching, I could do nothing but laugh and jump in the puddles, making the two ladies waiting under the awning laugh.

      • If you can’t beat the rain join it. There is a special satisfaction in puddle jumping. We just got dumped on.

  2. Wow! Awesome sky/clouds photos. Tim. We never see anything like that in CA. Lucky you. Christine πŸ“š

    • Thanks, Brian. To say the least. We got another downpour tonight. The second one in a row. Amazing for our drought stricken area.

  3. I wish I could translate the five consecutive and each time enhanced sighs… but it’s hard and would be unjust too, so: sigh, s i g h , Sigh, SIGH, S I G H !!!!!!!!

  4. There is magic where you live. I am convinced of that fact. It must be my black bamboo tree that sends up signals to the sky gods. Simply spectacular, Tim.

    • The black bamboo patch is big enough to create its own micro-climate, so you may be right. The clouds and skies are part of the reason New Mexico is called the land of enchantment. Thanks, Rebecca.

  5. These are amazing photographs Tim, unbelievably beautiful. You have the most amazing sunsets. The last one it looks like there is a face, a creepy one staring back at me. Wow what a view you have there. Love Joni

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