Hangdog Daze of Summer’s Cats

Glenda stretching out of the frame.

What do cats do in the heat of hangdog daze of summer? They be cool. As everyone should know, cats are always cool. Spunk knows he’s “Hot” based on his kitty good looks, but he has always been, and there never was a time that he was not, a super cool cat. But when it’s hot, the cats like to “hangdog” around and look cool.

Spunk putting on the cool hangdog daze look.

Silver in a hangdog daze.

Sasha hangdogging in style.

Spunk knows a cool place to be on a hangdog hot day is in the cooler. Marble thinking about joining him.

Loki enjoying in the airflow from the cooler.

Spunk daydreaming, while Marble naps on the cool glass top.

A thunderstorm blew in around 5:00 pm with a lot of noise and about 4 drops of rain. However, the temperature dropped from 103º F (39.4º C) to 89º F (31.6º C) in a matter of minutes.

Glenda hangdogging and planking at the same time.

The thunderstorm produced some cool clouds.

A hangdog daze tail wag from Glenda.

Gwendolyn hangdogging on a worm rug.

Sunset lights up Resa’s tree.

Glenda: “What’s your problem Paparazzo?”

Not a good mix it.

Good colors, anyway.

The painter broke through the hangdog daze pallor of gray overcast skies at sunset.

Glenda: “What’s up with you going back and forth to look at the sky? Enough already. You’re bothering me boy!”

Hangdog daze Crepuscular rayz at sunset.

66 thoughts on “Hangdog Daze of Summer’s Cats

  1. Two of my favourite subjects – beautiful cats and stunning skies, and perfectly captured as always.

  2. Gwendolyn & Glenda are 2 beautiful grown up cats. I recognise the cool “hangdog” look of the cats. Jimi could join the club…

    • I’m sure Jimi is great at hangdogging in the heat of the hangdog daze of summer. Thanks, Herman.

  3. Spunk has found the best place…. just put on the switch 🙂
    Our cat is now always under the bed…. in the cool breeze coming from our balcony.

  4. Now that’s new for me, hangdogging! And they all do it so well! I’m glad my rain clouds got there and dropped temperature! We’re also experiencing some indecisiveness on their part! I mean a few drops and then nothing!
    Painter though means business! 😉

      • Do you have cats? I was trying to remember if I came across cats in your posts.

      • I find it so sad when people are allergic to cats. They really miss out on the joy cats bring. If you are not super allergic, consider an Abyssinian cat. My sister-in-law is allergic to cats, but she found that she didn’t react to Abyssinians. She has an Abby and he’s a wonderful cat.

      • Good to know! Yes, cats do bring a lot of joy. I feel like the pandemic would have been more pleasant with a cat or two. Who cares about not being able to go out when you can just play with the kitties all day 🐱

      • Fortunately, we have lots of kitties to play with, but we also have property and live close to the river so we could always go outside, walk and play with nature, when the folks in town were locked down.

  5. And yet another delightful pictorial of the kitties. Brave of you to let Spunk be so close to the lighter and spoon. Has Glenda found a Spunk like orneriness?

  6. Between so many wonderful lazy kitties and astounding cloud-scapes, I’m beside myself. I’ve shared this everywhere so everyone can oooh and aaah with me. You know me, I love the kitties best, but those gold-orange sunsets are extraordinary. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I appreciate you spreading the kitties around. Have you had any rain down your way?

      • Not a drop… The high temp MIGHT not make it all the way to 100 tomorrow though. (It’s always hotter than what they forecast even the same day.)
        The “Universe” is sending me plenty of feline smiles today.

  7. Wonderful kitty pictures – they know how to lounge!

    That Glenda picture with “paparazzo” comment is priceless! It really looks like she is questioning!

    Those skies are ridonkulous. That’s all I can say. Ridonkulous.

  8. My tree is stunning in that light!
    The kitties are fabulous. I adore them all.
    Still, Spunkie-Poo 💋 continues to enchant with his adorableness.
    This is a very sweet post!

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