Hot & Roses

When I got in my car at the office, the temp read 116º F (46.7º C). I started driving and it dropped to 112º F (44.4º C) and I thought it seemed really warm, at the next red light a few miles down the road, I checked the weather app on the phone, and it showed the temperature in Corrales at 108º F (42.2º C) at 17:22 hours. When I got home at 17:30 hours, the temperature was a cool 102º F ( 38.9º C) on our outside thermometer. Many of the roses were loving the heat. At sunset, the temperature had dropped to 88º F (31.1º C). There was a warm wind blowing cotton off of Resa’s Tree. I finally got a decent shot of Resa’s tree with the cotton on it, but I wasn’t able to get the blowing cotton to show up well in still photos.

63 thoughts on “Hot & Roses

  1. Love your roses, environs, and photos, a lot. It will be 100 at The Holler tomorrow. The Holler is a hot place, this heat normally happens later in the summer. But your roses, and mine, are blooming, and I planted more roses, and Matilija Poppies. It was so hard to find the poppies, even though they are native. The seedlings need pine smoke to germinate.

  2. And I was complaining about the temperatures in this part of the world, 32°C. Guess you would call this cool… 😉

  3. Oh, Tim, wonderful shots! The roses, Resa’s tree and sky… sigh!
    Those temperatures!!!!! Our summer is pretty chilly so far and rainy, so I’m sending some over!

  4. And here I thought it was hot here. Have you ever tried frying an egg on cement? I bet you could. Beautiful images, Tim. Some of my pictures have the cotton all of them too. Have a great day! xo

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. We don’t have any concrete on the property to fry eggs on, but I’m sure they would fry on concrete out here.

    • Thanks, Frank. None of the fires are really close generally over 100 miles away or farther. But we have smoke in the air every morning.

  5. Oh wow, that is so hot, Timothy. I enjoyed your photos of the roses soaking up the heat, and especially liked seeing the fibers from the cotton tree on each one. I was glad you mentioned the cotton tree shedding, because I wouldn’t have known what that was on the roses. Fantastic sunset too. Good luck with that heat!

  6. When you’re hot, you’re hot!
    It deluged rain here yesterday. The Thunder (is that you Dale?) was biblical.
    It cooled things off, but the sauna effect is building.
    Your roses are fabulous. I’d send some rain for them, but I don’t know how?
    How do the kitties get through the hot days?

    • Hi Resa. All the kitties are laying in front of the cooler. It’s only 106º F today. A thunders storm is blowing in and your tree is really shedding cotton. I need to go out and get more picks for you. I’m hoping for some rain with all the wind and thunder.

    • It is. I’m getting a lot of photos from different points of views as the cotton pops out of the tatones.

  7. Now that is a scorcher – we are cooling down a bit here, but will be rebounding hard for the weekend. In the meantime try to keep the heat down there please ha!

  8. Those are high temperatures for June, no? We are supposed to start moving into heat again here, soon.

    I have been developing a partiality to yellow roses. 🙂

    • Hi Lavinia. Not necessarily. June and early July is when we normally get our highest temperatures.

  9. A cool 54°f here this morning, Sir. Overnight storm left blue skies again.
    Hope you don’t run short on water.
    Best of luck, Sir.

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