48 thoughts on “Dancing With Daddy Owl

  1. Wonderful images. This responds me of the little show a Cooper’s hawk put on for me one Sunday afternoon several years ago. πŸ™‚

    • Daddy Owl got a good stretch and fluff in before flying off in search of dinner. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Daddy Owl has some good dance moves. Is the wind blowing his ear tufts, or is he doing that too?

    Beautiful moon at almost first quarter shot, and colorful sundown as well.

  3. Showing the moves to little Fuzzy! What a dad! That horizontal red cloud underlines the joy! πŸ˜‰
    Bazooka Moon… wow!
    Happy Tuesday, my friend [you just made mine!] πŸ™

    • Thanks, Marina. That was the only cloud in the sky last night. I think in dawdled there for you. Otherwise we had crystal clear sky as you can see by the Bazooka Moon.

    • Thanks, Robbie. Did you post your owl photo? You’re in South Africa, so it is probably different from our owls.

  4. I don’t know if I may say so, but I am in love with the owl family! It’s so difficult to see any owl in my place, ant here I can watch some almost every day! Thanks Tim for your great photos

    • You can certainly be in love with the owl family. They are loved by many and I think they love being loved. Thanks, Flo.

    • Some times I have a hard time getting him to look at me. I’ just the same old stupid paparazzo. Thanks, Charlotte.

    • Owls don’t always do things much different than sit, watch, sleep, hunt and barf up pellets. But sometimes they stretch and shake their tail feathers. I was lucky to be there for the stretch and shake. You didn’t make to the Wild Cat post?

      • I finally got there – was working back from the recent ones in case my connectivity dropped. Trying to get caught up before our adventure takes us to prehistoric times again.

      • It sounds like you can find toilet paper, at least. A friend who has been travelling around the country says it’s amazing how different it is outside New Mexico. We are a poor economically depressed state as it is. Lock it down and things only get worse. At least we are ahead in getting people vacinated.

  5. Baby Peepers is cute
    Daddy is majestic
    But the moon steals the show….soooooooooo enchanting….what a gorgeous click Tim.

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