Wild Cat

This video goes out to Brian who has the Wildlife Intrigued blog. Although Brian’s photography is exemplary, he has more than once mentioned having some fear and mistrust of felines. Spunk, the Wild Cat, will certainly confirm Brian’s suspicions. However, we cannot assume all cats are alike based on Spunk’s behavior.

As you can see from the photo below, Spunk helped me put the video together and approves the content in the video. He certifies the authenticity of all his wild catness depicted in the above video.

Wild Cat
Parody Lyrics: Timothy Price
Music by The Troggs

Wild cat
You stomped my heart flat
You make everything scary
Wild cat

Wild cat, you know I want you
To lie on my lap and purr
So come and curl up alright?
I want you

Wild cat
You stomped my heart flat
You make everything scary
Wild cat

Wild cat, why did you claw on me?
I know I petted your fur
Please don’t kill me alright?
You’re toothy

Wild cat
You stomped my heart flat
You make everything scary
Wild cat

Go on, go on, wild cat.
Oh don’t shake your tail. Oh please? Don’t shake your tail!
Oh! You shook your tail!

60 thoughts on “Wild Cat

      • How are your blessed kitties? BTW how is your ankle? I hope it’s all healed up and back to normal?

      • The kitties are fine. My ankle? Timothy, I did not go out to a restaurant since March 2020. Today we went to an Italian one and set outside. It was cold but… while I was there I looked at my feet and I saw I was wearing high heels boots. I did not realize that I put on those boots. Yes I am beyond tired yet when it comes to my ankle I guess that’s a good sign. It’s still swollen a bit but I am doing better than I thought. Thank you so much for asking.
        Sending hugs to everyone.

      • Nice to know you have fine felines. Well that sounds a bit like a “Hallelujah!” on the ankle if you were in high heeled boots. Sounds like you were well dressed for the occasion. I hope the food was good.

    • It was Spunk’s handy work or pawly work in the last frame. Amazing the messes that cat can make. Thanks, Tiffany.

  1. Alright, this is a great song and video to start my Monday morning (in combination with an espresso, of course). Spunk may be a little wild but he’s also so adorable!

    • You got that right. He can be very loving, also. He’s a true psycho kitty. Thanks, Shey.

  2. Oh, I’m glad you got Spunk’s permission on this. You don’t wanna mess with Wild Cat!!! πŸ˜‰
    Brilliantly done! I think it will make Lou smile from up there. πŸ˜‰

  3. OMG!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ is hours and hours of entertainment!
    The toilet paper scene is a side buster. Your photo filtering when he’s scary… everything is right on insanity.
    LOVE this.
    Great work on the song, Tim. LOLOLOL!

    • Thanks, Resa. I’m happy you got a laugh out of the Spunkster. Spunk is a constant source of entertainment. He is predictable and reliable in his unpredictability.

      • Actually, Miss Shaw is the one who came up with the Spunkster. She lives in Toronto, also. She hasn’t blogged in a long time. She is a beautiful, super sexy, fashionista who can put together the coolest outfits and she does outstanding hair styles. I think you two would get along very well.

  4. Probably wondering where I’ve been. Finally got connectivity while out on our extended exploration trip (as you probably noticed from all the catch up I’ve had to do). Finally got to this post and was shocked to see a shout out!!! Thanks for the kind words and the link. Amazing parody by the way – job well done. Now on to this evil cat thingy – I will forever use this video as perfect evidence to my long held belief cats have two things on their mind every second they are awake – devious actions or how to kill a bird. Just look at that absolute travesty as that $1,000 roll of toilet paper was literally destroyed before my eyes. Sorry to leave you hanging so long. Still amazed at the number of places you cannot get connectivity in the US.

    • Hi Brian. I gathered you were out and about. Either no connectivity, or places are stingy on the speed. I thought you would appreciate this song and video. The toilet paper roll was from a box I snagged when our governess limited all stores to no more than 25 people at a time. Just word of the action sent toilet paper off all stores’ shelves all over the city in a matter of hours. Amazing. Spunk opened the box of toilet paper during the night after it was delivered, pulled out a roll and you saw what happened to it. Spunk is more destructive than most cats, but he’s not much of a birder or hunter for that matter. He’s more interested in destroying objects and killing costume tails and lids from containers than killing birds and other animals.

      • Sounds like he has a fitting name! Our brilliant governor tried telling everyone not to horde the toilet paper which just set off the shelf clearing – feels like a completely different world down here in southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle. Thanks again for the dedication!

  5. Spunk is rather domestic, but still a wild and destructive cat as per the parody video. Wild cats are great farm workers.

    • Thanks, Holly. Spunk is a silly cat. Happy to get a “LOL” out of you. We all need to LOL these days.

  6. So fun…..
    Did you just begin doing these Tim…
    I don’t know whh I never seen your song parodies before….
    They’re so good.
    My favourite line….
    Wild cat you stomped my heart flat.
    Looking forward to more of your fun parodies…

    • I have lots of Parodies. Go to Music on the menu bar of my blog and you can see the long list of parodies. Thanks, Ruelha.

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