Eye Eye Eye

Cary Kingfisher: “Eye see you Paparazzo!”

Finnegan Finch: “Eye see you Paparazzo!”

Terrance Turkey Vulture: “Eye see you Paparazzo!”

Mama Owl: “¿Qué pasa Paparazzo? ¿Te gustan las plumas de mi cola?”

Cary Kingfisher who happens to be a Belted Kingfisher: “I’m outta here! ¡Sta luego Ese!”

39 thoughts on “Eye Eye Eye

  1. All eyes in the bosque are on you, Tim! The photos are beautiful, as always. That is an outstanding photo of the Sandias in cloud shadow.

    We are seeing white crowned sparrows here now. It’s been in the low 80s and clear here today.

    • It’s much cooler and threatening to rain. I would like the clouds to make good on their trheats. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. I was gonna say this post was for the birds… but then you threw me for a loop and added lovely flowers. Fabulous photos all around, Tim!

    • Thanks, Inchcock. Did you see my Grammarly question on your post? You must be a 99 percenter for original words.

  3. All of these photos are brilliant, of course, but I’m especially fond of the belted kingfisher. I even wrote a poem about them. (posted on my blog Feb. 2020). All these feathered denizens of the sky, the skies themselves, and the flowers reaching toward the skies!

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. Your poem is wonderful. This belted kingfisher seems like perfect punk bird with his gnarly mohawk and scowling expression.

  4. Not in the classical sense of birdwatcher, but I like watching birds, photographing them and talking to them. I talk to the owls, cranes and pTerodactyl (great blue heron).

  5. Awesome clicks as always Tim…..
    I loved the vulture with his majestic wings spread out the most…although I was quite enchanted by the yellow birdie….I am partial to yellow….

    • Finches are pretty, and vultures are beautiful in the air. They are not so beautiful on the ground. Thanks, Ruelha.

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