Eye of Fuzzy Wild Skies

I walked up to check on Fuzzy. Nora Owl was not in the nest, but Fuzzy would not look over the edge. Osric Owl was in a cottonwood about 200 feet south of Fuzzy, but he was busy looking up at something between hoots. Nora Owl was in a cottonwood about 200 feet to the northeast of Fuzzy, hooting at Osric and probably telling Fuzzy to keep his head down. The skies on the way back from visiting with the owls were nothing short of wild.

Osric Owl keeping his eye on something I couldn’t see.

Nora Owl giving me “square eyes”.

Osric Owl is looking a little thin. I think he’s overworked keeping Nora and fuzzy fed.

Nora Owl just after she gave a hoot.

40 thoughts on “Eye of Fuzzy Wild Skies

  1. Ahhhh…. wild skies indeed! I think Osric Owl is probably amazed by the beauty of those skies while Nora Owl is making sure you’re capturing them! I bet Fuzzy would love to look up but mama won’t allow it yet! 😉 Now you mention it, Osric Owl does look a bit thin. 😉

  2. Your positioning of sky and our lovely Owl Family is brilliant. Every photo has your signature mantra – “I love nature.” Visiting your blog is the best way for me to start my day.

  3. Wonderful photos, of Owls (how happy I would be to be able to see some every day!), and of skies! You don’t need a tv set, your surroundings are definitely far nicer! Thank for this sharing, Tim. I’m glad I could have a glance at those pretty birds.

    • Hi Flo. You would have such a great time visiting with the owls. I’m happy I can share my world with you through photos. Going out to watch the world around me is way better than TV.

  4. Tim… you amaze me. First off Fuzzy’s eye in that first shot… WOW! And all the fabulous owl captures! But those skies are also incredible. And I saw the moon… sigh…
    I could gaze at it all… all day!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Nancy. I did some closeups of the moon but I decided they didn’t go with the post. The owls are so much fun. We might get some more good skies tonight. The forecast is for rain, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Sadly I have not seen our owls that always visit us. The eatin’ must be good elsewhere. So when I see your owls… my heart is full! Thank you! And happy sky watching this evening.

      • I’m happy the two pairs of owls we have are sticking around. There are a lot fewer owls than 3 years ago. They are also not having as many owlets. It’s super dry here.

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