A Long Talk With Nora, and Tea Toast & Trivia

Nora Owl deciding what to think about the chatty paparazzo.

After I got home from work, I left the laundry for tomorrow, gathered up all the energy I could, and walked the mile north to check on Nora. I ran into Leslie who was also checking on Nora. Leslie said Nora was hunkered down in her nest so she could hardly see her. When I got Nora’s tree she was pretty hunkered down in the light of the setting sun. I started talking to her and asking her if she had any owlets yet. After about ten minutes she started responding and sat up a little. Then she sat up more and look different directions. Her breast feathers looked pushed up as if she had something under them. At one point she tilted her head back and pushed her chest out, but I couldn’t really see any owlets yet. After 30 minutes of pestering poor Nora Owl with my pesky paparazzo chattiness, I left so she could sit in peace. I think the owlets have hatched, but they are still too small to poke their heads out. I think Nora Owl made her best attempt to show them to me. Osric Owl started hooting behind me. When I found him he gave me “mad dogs”.

Rebecca at Tea Toast & Trivia interviewed me on the subject of Blogging, Photography, and Connecting. You can listen to my attempts to impart words of wisdom about blogging, photography, and connecting at https://wp.me/paMWWK-Cs. I really had a great time with the interview. Rebecca and Don, who does the recording, are two of the loveliest people I have ever met.

Still giving me steal eyes while starting to sit up more.

I think this was Nora’s best attempt to expose the owlets.

Osric Owl giving me “mad dogs”.

The pTerodactyl watching the sunset.

It was quite a sunset the pTer was watching.

87 thoughts on “A Long Talk With Nora, and Tea Toast & Trivia

  1. You have all my favorite sunset/sunrise colors there, Tim! Those are very beautiful photos of your owls. You are probably right about the owls hatching, just not big enough yet for Nora to show you easily yet.

    I have bookmarked the link to your interview with Rebecca, and will listen in tomorrow when I have some uninterrupted time.

      • Hi Rebecca, besides meeting Tiffany and Juliette Kings, Vampire Maman in person, Lavinia and I have spoken over the phone a few times.

      • I forgot that I also met blogger Teri Dashfield. She came to the Balloon Fiesta in 2016. She emailed me asking how to get a balloon ride. It’s difficult to get free rides and expensive to pay for rides. I did a little research and told her to apply for a press pass and check “I want a balloon ride”. We both applied for press passes. We both got them. And Teri got her balloon ride.

  2. First of all, great interview Timothy ! So you had a chat with Nora Owl. I’m sure she’s proud of whats underneat her fethers but you still have to wait some time to see more -) Please keep Osric Owl as a friend… ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nice photography Tim.

  3. Hi Tim. Thanks for posting the link to your interview with Rebecca at Tea Toast & Trivia. Enjoyed hearing your view and thoughts on life.

    • I am delighted that you listened in and joined the conversation. I love coming to Timโ€™s blog because there is always a party taking place.

      • My pleasure! You are so right, Tim’s blog is also one of my favourite blogs. His photographs are so beautiful and he throws in a good joke on a regular basis. Tim’s posts are always a good way to start my day.

  4. It was a pleasure listening to you, and everything you said really resonated. Keep on truckin’ uh bloggin’. ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. Osric and pTer are great watchers and guardians of your haunts.

  5. Ah, Tim, you have the most beautiful dialogues with nature and I’m sure Nora Owl and Daddy Owl appreciate your friendship. Here’s to seeing more pointy fluffy ears soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I just listened to your beautiful interview at Rebecca’s Tea Toast & Trivia and my smile still lingers! A most sincere, captivating and from the heart interview. A pleasure knowing you, my dear friend.

    • Thank you so much, Marina. I’m happy you liked the interview. When I listen to myself, I think I sound kind of silly, but them I guess I am a silly guy. I’m so happy Resa got us together.

      • No you’re not and no you don’t sound silly! But most of us [me included!] hate our voice!
        Likewise, my friend, I’m so grateful to her for meeting you.

      • I know it’s not, and I always use it in it’s ‘happy’ meaning [in which case, I agree! ;-)] but purposefully happy… To me, a very good thing! English not being my native language, I can’t be sure it has ‘my’ meaning! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I have always wondered how serendipity brings people together to form a community. I look back and am amazed at how beautifully it all evolves. I love the title โ€œincognito.โ€

  6. Hey Tim, Great interview man. Your thoughts on the technical\gear thing struck a “chord” with me.
    ‘It’s not the Guitar and all the gear’… Guitars and all the gear don’t play music. Humans make the music.
    Give me a rusty washtub a broomstick and a long piece of wire and I’ll play you a Bass Line :))
    It was good hearing your voice.
    Hope to see you in person again soon.

    Ron |<:^)

    • Thanks, Ron. We make what you have work. Good stuff can really help, but you can do a lot with the basic equipment. Joel keeps threatening to drive out.

    • I am delighted that you listened in Tim. Don and I thought that Timโ€™s insight about the gear was profound. By the way, I remember, as a child, watching my father playing the washtub and the saw.

      • Ron would play a mean one stringer. I remember many years ago when Tristan was a teenager, she won tickets to a concert at the Sunshine Theater downtown. The theater is a dump, and the first band was a grunge band. I never figured out if the one string on the bass, then missing parts on the drumset and trashed amps were part of the act or they truly could not afford strings, or to repair their equipment. They made a very nonjoyful noise.

  7. Thank you for letting us listen to your conversation with Nora, Tim. She is gorgeous, what a supercool personality! Brilliant photos, this made my evening now.

  8. We just listened to your interesting interview with Rebecca on Tea, Toast and Trivia. Itโ€™s lovely to get to know more about a fellow blogger through a podcast.
    All the best,

    • Thank you Dina for listening in and being a wonderful support and encouragement to the TTT conversations. Sending much love and hugs your way!!!

  9. What a great post, Tim. The owls, the knowledge that the owlets are surely going to be appearing here soon and your wonderful interview with Rebecca. I agree with you on the whys of blogging. I couldn’t tell you any of my numbers but the comment section? That makes it all worthwhile for me. I try to explain to my sisters that real friendships form on this forum because we share way more than we would in person!

  10. The more you show Nora, the more I love her. She is beautiful, and has beautiful eyes too. I hope the owlets are ok. I am listening to the program now, it is nice to hear you.

  11. Wow these photographs of the owls are amazing. I like that they converse with you. I bet the babies are definitely there by now. I really enjoyed the interview Tim. I had no idea that you started blogging almost like a diary, Then it sounds like people got use to those beautiful pictures and wanted more, can’t blame them. Also enjoyed hearing you talk about how the “Trees” got started. I am so glad the heart tree is still there even though it is not a live tree as it is so amazing. Have a great Easter and by the way we are a lot like you all. We haven’t had much of a change in our life either because we spend time here and enjoy our isolation as well. Take great care. Love Joni

      • So exciting. We have Wrens that come back every year and I love watching their nest. This year our milkweed should be back and it will be time to bloom. It was covered in so many worms and then we had so many monarchs. Give them my best your beautiful owls. โค๏ธ Joni

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