Eye Eye Nora

Nora Owl is still sitting. Either her owlets have hatched and they are not showing their cute faces or they will be hatching very soon.

Nora Owl in side-view.

Crane gliding above the Sandias. We saw a handful of cranes tonight.

A cute bunny greeted me when I got home. He was still hanging out when I left to check on Nora Owl.

Moon intermission.

The Sandias from the Beach at sunset.

Daddy Owl was hooting when I walked up to the tree he was in. Mama Owls was answering him.

When I walked over to Mama Owl’s hole in the tree, she stopped answering Daddy Owl and ducked into the hole. If you look carefully you can see the tipity tips of her ear tufts.

The painter was working on a soft sunset for Marina.

46 thoughts on “Eye Eye Nora

  1. Another beautiful evening in the bosque, Tim. I enjoyed everything. We had a spectacular cloud day followed by rain, and then a clearing in the west towards sunset. Golden hills set against dark skies to the east.

  2. Nora owl shot is so beautiful!!! I love the tinted crane over the Sandias and that Moon looks like a smiling face in the sky! Obviously I left best for last… sunset painting! If only the painter knew what joy he brings! πŸ˜‰πŸ™

  3. How high up is her nest? It can’t be that much for you to get such a great angle (with your big-ass lens)
    Wonderful place you live in, Timothy.

    • Hi Dale. Her nest is probably around 15 feet from the ground, but where I stand she’s about 20 to 25 feet from me.

      • That’s what I thought. Because, even with a big lens, if she was higher up, you’d never be able to see the opening so well. Really cool that you can.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. They are a mile apart. Osric Owl is Nora’s man owl. We heard him but we couldn’t find him. He has a lot more trees around where he can watch the nest from, so he can stay hidden easier than Daddy Owl. They don’t have as much interaction with people as Mama and Daddy Owl, so Osric is not as nonchalant about showing himself as Daddy Owl.

  4. Wow… Beautiful images Tim…. Nature never stops bringing New Life and Beauty…
    Many thanks my friend for reaching out.. Hope you received back my reply
    Wonderful to get so close to these beautiful creatures.. Owls especially a favourite of mine..
    Have a beautiful Spring Equinox… : πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ

  5. And the painter did well.
    The sky is astonishing. And your photo of the moon is too.
    I love the Owl family’s diary you tell us about every day. It is nice to have news from them,
    I can’t wait to discover the babies, which we may see at some point, if Mummy Owl and Daddy Owl let them show the tips of their ears…
    It’s the weekend, and this is the perfect set of photos to start it off with a smile… Thank you.

    • He’s already working hard feeding mama. Not too long after the little ones hatch, Mama starts hunting again, also. It takes both of them to keep the growing owlets full.

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