52 thoughts on “Chew

  1. How lucky are you to be able to capture both sunrise and sunset. I can only get a decent pic of sunsets where I am.
    And how ironic is that photo of Spunk?

    • Spunk is an actor and takes every opportunity to get attention. He was perfect on the chew. We are really fortunate that we can see sky from all directions and see the sunrises, sunsets, and the colors projected to the north and south as well. Thanks, Dale.

    • Tim, how I love your sunrise & especially your sunset photo! It’s my tree! It really stands out in all it’s glory. Made my day! Thanks so much. πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine

  2. Love the bird enjoying the brilliant sky in the first shot. Showed our dogs the cat picture, they laughed sarcastically, took a sip of tea and noted they “prefer to read their Duluth catalogs”.

    • You know Spunk. That’s probably the pTerodactyl. I couldn’t tell what it was exactly. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • He’s an amazing cat. Beaker reads also. The painter was busy. She’s taking a break this morning. Only a sliver moon rising in a clear sky.

      • Well, even such a creative painter needs a rest from time to time and it seems to me that she’s overworking herself over there! πŸ˜‰
        So Spunk and Beaker read each other stories?

      • No. Beaker reads labels. When a manufacture changes a label, he can still read what it is a tell us what he wants. Spunk is a cat of many talents. Have you seen the Cat Blogs on my TandL site? https://photos.tandlphotos.com

      • Wow! I hadn’t seen it! Now I have alot to explore. First one I saw was Spunk does film and I wondered if he also does film developing in the dark room?!!! So many brilliant photos in there!!!!!!!

      • His lack of an opposable thumbs is a problem for him. It also keeps him out of trouble. He knows that if he could turn the door knob, he could open the front door. I tires holding the door knob with both paws in an attempt to turn it, but he just can’t get a grip. If he had thumbs we would be in trouble for sure.

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