43 thoughts on “Swan Dive @ 5:00

    • Hi Marina. Funny thing is I did not see Daddy Owl last night. He must have been out hunting. I couldn’t see Mama Owl in her nest, either. So I called to her, and she poked the top of her head up enough to see over the edge of the hole and take a quick look at the stupid paparazzo calling to her. Then she slipped back out of view. I was satisfied with her presenting herself, walked back to the house and photographed the sunset.

    • It was clouding in the morning and clear by nightfall. Cloudy again this morning and still cloudy. No a sprinkle of precipitation. Thanks, Resa.

  1. Oh, here we go. Now it is behaving, Tim. Both your clouds and your beautiful swan pictures are stunning!!! The detail in both are a big WOW!!! It would seem you are seeing some unusual cloud formations as I have been. The colors in our skies lately have been phenomenal. Hope you are having a great day! xo

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. Interesting clouds have been moving through. No precipitation, however.

  2. Oh, Tim – is that a shooting star?! Truly awe-inspiring. I feel the presence of Peter Pan and hear the whispered words: “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. ”

  3. Your pictures are astonishing! Beautifully astonishing! Birdwatching is such a peaceful, quiet, and pleasant activity, you probably have great time doing that in your place.

    • The cranes are rather noisy and the owls hoot all night long, but I love all the bird noises. Did you get a change to listen to Cranes in the Key of C? You can hear what the cranes sound like. Also, theres a song with Coyotes.

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