Broken Cycle

My car with windswept snow in the parking lot on Old Route 66 between 2nd and 3rd Streets.

Our months-long dry spell was broken today with a major windstorm, followed by snow.

The snow was still faling when I got home.

Silver and Sasha enjoying a warm counter.

Dale’s peach tree with Resa’s Tree in the background.

Snow caused the black bamboo to bend over and cover Marina’s Tree. The top of Lavinia’s tree is showing on the left.

Catio in the snow.

My decadent birthday dinner: home made, hot and spicy, green chile cheese fries.

56 thoughts on “Broken Cycle

    • Thanks, Holly. If you don’t eat hot and spicy food, the green chile might do you in. I’m sure the Tangle Heart Tree is beautiful in the snow, but I did not get out to look or photograph it.

      • I’m sure it is, I can imagine its slender limbs under the weight of the fallen snow, something we don’t get here. Sadly spicy food is not my friend.

      • Pretty snow laced cottonwood Tangle Heart. You’re hot and spicy, Holly. You are beautiful with lovely red hair, plus you rode a Harley across the US of A. No need of hot and spicy food to make you cool.

        I, on the other hand, need hot food to spice up my life.

      • That spicy food is working quite well. We all need a little spice in our life , Chile peppers and Harley’s and Route 66and Tangle Heart trees and red heads. Lol.

      • Did you know that redheads are becoming extinct? They’ve gone from 10% to 7% of the world’s population in the the last ten years. Most of them are in Wales and Scotland. Oh my, I have to stop with the trivia and learn something useful. 😊

      • We need to put redheads on the endangered species list and give them special protections. Save the redheads!

    • The snow is welcome everywhere in the dry southwest. Forever is way too long. Time to cheese some fries. Thanks, Teri.

  1. I am glad you got some precipitation, Tim. I was thinking rain would be better, but snow is good too when there hasn’t been any rain for a long while. Nice to see my tree s doing well! 🙂

    It was 24 degrees here this morning. That dry east wind off the mountains has been blowing cold for the last few days. It warmed up into the lower 50s, but everything seems dry again.

    Your birthday dinner looks good. 🙂

    • Hi Lavinia. Snow is good to really soak the dry ground. It looks like we have about 6 inches now. Our temp is 23 at 9:00 pm.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. Not necessarily normal, but not too out of the ordinary either. Precipitation is any form is very welcome. The last rain we got, and not very much, was in early August. The Conservancy cut off our irrigation water two months early this year.

    • The GCCFs are like you cheesy potatoes with green chile. Green chile keeps things moving along. Thanks, Inchcock.

  2. Snow … we had around 5 inches, 3 on the ground since it’s still warm. Current temp @10:45 pm, four above. Forecasted low is around 3 below, not too bad but brutal when it was 74 on Saturday.

    • Hi David. 22 this morning between 10 and 12 inches of snow accumulated. We had a high of 77 on Sunday.

      • Wow, that’s a lot of snow. Anyway, you were closer to the energy of winter system than we were. Mountains got the lion’s share. I don’t mind cold, but when you go from 70-something on Saturday to single digits for most of yesterday, you tend to notice the cold a whole lot. It was 5 above just after midnight, but 10 at sunrise. With the temps back in the low 30s today, it’ll be a much warmer day for us.

      • It’s been sunny for several hours and it’s in the mid 40s. It’s supposed to start snowing again at 8 tonight. We’ll see.

  3. Happy birthday, Tim!! I did not know you got snow but what you captured is awesome!! And I actually laughed out loud at Silver and Sasha for they know how to handle snow. as for those cheese fries, who is whenever I run across posts that have mouthwatering food in it, I’m hungry? LOL Great post!! Loved it!

  4. Here no snow before end december, begin jaruary. Most of the snow is faling in the Ardennen (the hils in the south-east of Belgium. Enjoy the snowfall, maybe you can ski in the near future.

    • Hi pichphlio. We have lots of mountains and nearby ski areas that will be happy if the snow keeps falling.

  5. Well, Happy Birthday dear Tim!
    It’s not even snowing here, yet! Unbelievable! Is this unusual?
    The trees look amazing in the snow! It’s giving me all kinds of ideas.
    Somehow, the cats look like snow, too!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. The sun came out for a little while today and really decimated the snow. All the western and southwestern states need lots of precipitation.

  6. Man, those scenic shots with a light dusting of snow… wow, looks peaceful and on days like this I would definitely resemble Silver and Sasha instead of going out and shooting photos. But then again, getting out in the cold makes getting back and enjoying chile fries that much better (with the obligatory beer to wash it all down!). Great photos, Timothy!

    • Thanks, Randall. No beer ¡No me gusta cerveza! The kitties know where and how to hangout when it’s cold.

  7. As you can see, I’m playing catch up with my emails/blog reading! So, belated happy birthday to you! And snow? Nope… here in Quebec, we’ve not seen a flake yet. How funny is that?

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