Flying Felines

While people are wringing their hands, gnashing their teeth, and hoarding toilet paper over all the happenings in the world right now, our kitties headed for the sky and did some feline flying to stay above it all. Kitties know how to have fun in times of trouble.

Flying Felines

Music and Lyrics by Timothy Price
Guitars: Timothy Price
Bass: Timothy Price
Percussion arranged by Timothy Price

Felines flying one by one
Felines in the sky today
Here they come having fun

Felines flying

Felines walking on the air
Flying up, down and all around
They found a way to fly away

Felines flying in the air
Going high in the sky
Going nowhere

They’re going nowhere fast

Felines flying in the air
Through the sky they walk on air

Felines flying in the sky
Felines in the air so fine
They know where they are going
Up with the birds in the air

Felines flying in the sky walking on air
In the air they are so fine walking on the line

51 thoughts on “Flying Felines

  1. “Kitties know how to have fun in times of trouble”… and so do you Tim!
    Great tune man. The video is hilarious!
    Keep the faith brother.


      • I can’t stop laughing. I’ve seen your Chroma Key set up and I can only imagine what you looked like making yer’ cats fly around in their air plane. Ahhhh haaa ha!


      • I’m happy you’re getting some laughs out of this one. I have a roll of blue photo paper in the shed. I should pull that out to make these silly videos, but the response cost is too high to tackle the infinite shed of doom.

  2. OM Gosh this video is wonderful! Laughing so hard. You’ve got some great talent Timothy. You have seven cats? I guess that’s why I see you’ve been by Katzenworld. 😻😻

    • Hi John. Happy you are having a good time with the video. Yes sir. We have seven cats. Down from nine a couple of years ago. I’ve followed Katzenworld for several years now.

      • It was so fun, well done! I used to follow that site a long time ago but stopped for whatever reason. Started up again a few days ago.

      • Marc-AndrΓ© has asked me to post things, but I never get around to it.

    • You are welcome, Susan. Thanks for dropping by and enjoying the kitties during these crazy times.

    • Thanks, Leah. Cats love high places. I’m happy Franklin joined you in watching the video.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. If I come across a kitty sized flying suacer, the kitties may do a space adventure.

    • Those magnificent cats in their flying machine are enjoying every minute, as are all the humans watching them. Thanks for the original music too!

  3. Great song and fantastic video, Tim! Thank goodness the cats have the situation under control up there…

  4. Fabulous!!! Such an interesting style, best I can come up with is to liken it to B-52’s meets Jimmy. And the participants are magnificent! Bravo

  5. Fabulous!!!! Well done, Tim!
    What a high flying hysteric, with proper sound track! The kitties all look super, especially Spunk πŸ’‹, and I gotta say my cottonwood looks simply marvellous! Is that a recent background shot? The cottonwoods look very silvery, especially mine.

    • Thanks, Resa. The photo with your cottwoon was taken last Sunday when I put the video together. The trees are starting to bud and the small branches are getting whiter which gives them that silvery look. Spunk was not very cooperative, so he doesn’t have as much screen time as I wanted him to have.

      • The cottonwoods look beautiful in this silver stage. Hope you take more silver pics, before the green sets in! They look quite magical right now.

      • I have some shots of your cottonwood bathed in yellow just before sunset. I’ll get more in its silvery state.

      • Oh, maybe Spunk πŸ’‹ wasn’t happy with his screen contract, or thought there were too many cats involved? Does he have an agent?

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