37 thoughts on “Sour Pusses

  1. The kitties were not impressed with the paparazzo today. It’s Monday. Come back Friday.

      • I wish I could say something more sympathetic, but secretly I think you deserve the look. You’re the one who got all the great pictures after all, without even giving them credits in a more proper type … 🦮

  2. “Stupid Paparazzo!” I guess that’s you!
    Your cats are very, very beautiful! (Spunk 💋)
    How are you and yours during this stupid monster time?

    • Hi Resa. That pesky paparazzo is me. We are plugging along. They closed schools for 3 weeks so Laurie’s home. I’m working up in Santa Fe every day this week and probably next week as well. Long drive and long hours. I did manage to get toilet paper. I happened to be at Costco when a load of toilet paper came in. There wasn’t a lot of people in the store, but Costco had police on hand to keep order, and handed out the toilet paper one pack for each person. People were doing selfies with their toilet paper. It was really silly. What was worse for me is that they were out of corn tortillas and dry cat food. I hope they get some cat food in soon.

  3. Marble looks the most disinterested of the three! Their expressions crack me up. I just love cats.(Lily is on the floor staring at me, waiting for me to free my lap up for her… so I guess computer time is over for now… boss says so 🙂 )

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