20 thoughts on “Streak

      • Your welcome. It’s a commercial 4 engine jet based on the shapes. Sounds like my visits to my fav location for low fly-overs here at McCarran. 😎

      • I could see it was a 4 engine jetliner, but I couldn’t see if it was something like Continental, FedEx or UPS.

  1. Really special. I thought it’s a pencil floating on a pond, getting itself lighten up as all the crayons sinking to the bottom …

  2. There are only 3, four engine commercial jets currently in operation. Boeing 747, Airbus 340 and 380. That one looks like an A340 Fedex air freighter. Very cool image Tim. It looks like a Star Ship going into Warp drive.


    • Hi Ron. Thanks for the info. I often photograph them when they are flying higher with more light, and they are usually FedEx planes when zooming in on the computer.

    • Hi Tiffany. I remember walking under the flight path in Little Italy. The planes were low and really noisy.

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