45 thoughts on “In The Macro Moment

    • On the one tree. A few other things are testing the spring weather, but it’s still pretty sparce. Thanks, Susan.

  1. These beautiful photographs remind me that we’re heading in a right direction of spring and summer. Looking forward to having breakfast outside in the garden! Great shots, Tim!

    • Soom we can savor our espresso and breakfasts in the outdoors. It’s nice to be emerging from the cold. And you can enjoy your espresso with thoughts of flowers, warm sun, and Jimi playing in the garden. Thanks, Herman.

  2. Really nice. For the very first time I get to look at them so up close. And for the very first time these bees and flies get to have a macro voice in their micro lives 🐸

  3. These photos are lovely. I am always excited to know of plants bees love because I’m under the impression they’re in danger. They’re so important as a honey food supply as well as vital to the pollination of plants.

    • Hi Dawn. We have a lot of native bees out here. They are much better pollinators than honey bees, but we don’t get honey from the native bees. Honey bees give us honey, but they drive out some native bees, so it’s one of these gotcha situations with honey bees, because honey bees are at risk to mites and diseases that native bees are more resistant to.

      • I did not know that. What a balancing act in the well-being of bee lives! I need to do more research to supply for multiple species. I hope to find plants that haven’t been genetically modified.

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