Firsts, Cats, Close to Lasts

First bloom purple crocus.
First bloom yellow crocus.
Mama owl sitting on her eggs.
We should start seeing owlets in a couple of months.
The not quite full moon had an interesting color just before sunset.
Marble being silly.
Spunk being handsome.
Sasha being beautiful.
Cottonwood in the bosque basking in the late afternoon sun.
Maybe the last of the cranes.
Β‘Hasta la vista!

22 thoughts on “Firsts, Cats, Close to Lasts

  1. Thank you for sharing photos of some of your kitties and the wildlife and beautiful outdoors around you. I love them all!

  2. Beautiful flower shots. So springlike, with the nesting owl. I think Marble is being silly with spring fever.
    Sasha is very beautiful.
    Spunk πŸ’‹stole the post!

  3. This is the post I’ve missed on the Reader. Such a feast for the eyes and the soul. I didn’t know owl babies are called owlets, how lovely 🐞

  4. All my favorite things, the cranes, the owls, the cat, the trees. I love it all, thank you! I haven’t seen any cranes here yet, but I’ll keep a look out for sure.

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