While “Hoser” is derogatory word commonly used to call people losers, according to Facebook Medical, and reported by our downtown Neighborhood Bar, if you were a child hoser, you are immune to the Coronavirus.  I don’t know how much faith one can put in Facebook Medical, but if it’s true, I drank from a hose as a kid, and still do when I’m out working on the property.

Hoser originated during the pre-zambonian era in Canada. Hosers, the losing team, had to hose down the ice after the game.

43 thoughts on “Hosers

  1. I must be immune! the little pleasures of childhood. Hosers reminded me of the 80’s song Take Off to the Great White North. 😎

    • Hi John. It’s interesting what triggers memories of songs. I vaguely remember the Great White North. A couple of silly Canadians?

    • That’s great. I don’t know if kids drink from hoses these days. Kid’s don’t seem to go out and play like we used to. Thanks, Jet.

  2. I also drank from the garden hose as a kid, but I wouldn’t want to bank on having any immunity from any viruses in the coronavirus family. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t count on it either. But I guess there’s always hope? Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Drank from a water hose too. But, if you were to shop for water hoses these days, there’s a water hose that is designed for this purpose.

  4. I always wondered what makes you so peculiar and eccentric (off center & not even), now I know the secret is drinking from a hose🌴

    • Hi Dot. I like to think of myself as an “eccentric singularity” — being infinity weird at any point in space or time.

  5. I can’t remember if my boys drank from the hose when we prepared the slip n’ slide. They probably already saw that memo. Better late than never for the experience.

  6. As a Canadian, and knowing your wry eye for humour, I scrolled down with ease.
    This is ridiculous! Everyone knows that kids who drank from hoses are immune, not! LOL!
    FB Medical…..right!

  7. I’d be happy if they’re right. Although I don’t think I’ve ever drunk from the hose, my sweetheart still does, in an emergency.

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