47 thoughts on “Sunset Over intel

  1. Man oh man. Those cloud shots! The first wow of a burst! The moon orange clouds and that line of puffs! The moon! And those roses… my goodness…

  2. “Sunset over intel …” That is how it was when Intel came to COS. They built a multi-million dollar fabrication plant and made less than 100 chipsets. After closing and selling the plant, Intel came back 10 years later to build another fabrication plant. Never got past moving some dirt around at the construction site.

    • The intel plant on the escarpment above corrales was of their first plants. It has been through lots of phasing out, retooling and expanding their fabs since. I’m not sure where they are on their latest expansion. The cranes in the photo have been up for a long time. Thanks, Deborah.

  3. My day is complete… it’s can’t get any better then seeing your roses and sky shots.
    Have a wonderful weekend. ❤️🤍💙

  4. If we had skies even 10% the beauty of yours, I think people would be more amazing in Toronto.
    I mean they walk around as grey as the skies.
    Then today is sunny. Half are angry it’s too hot.

    • Some people don’t want to be happy no matter what. It’s really hard to be in places without sunshine. Thanks, Resa.

  5. Suspect that Intel plant is running 3 shifts a day 7 days a week if it its producing integrated chips – took me a year and a half to simply get a new radio for my RV. Wasn’t aware that plant was down there.

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