Gentlemen Stay Out

Contrails piercing clouds

Could not agree more
When it’s a women’s restroom
Gentlemen stay out

Celina took a photo of the signs on the door of a women’s restroom at a school in northern New Mexico and pinned it on a bulletin board at the office.

A UFO moving through space worms.

43 thoughts on “Gentlemen Stay Out

  1. Still scratching my head wondering what events lead to needing this sign, not that I really need the details. Can’t fix stupid.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I don’t really know what the space worms are other than they look like space worms.

  2. WTF! Why would a women’s rest room need such a sign. Speaks poorly of men at that school.
    The UFO shot is cool..odd…What is it?

    • The space worms could be ghost plasma. I can’t say for sure. Seemed more worm-like. Thanks, Samantha.

  3. UFOs, that is expected in NM. So, are space worms.

    The sign … a product of confusing gender identities? The last time a man pretending/identifying as a woman in a Colorado women’s restroom is now spending time in maximum security.

    • That’s a good solution. As the title says gentle stay out of women’s restrooms. Lots of paranormal activity around these parts. Thanks, Deborah.

  4. I’m with the previous says a lot about today’s society that a sign like that is actually needed – similar to a sign I saw during our January snowbird trip – “Please place used TP in the toilet”.

    • Years ago when I worked in housekeeping at the hospital, people would throw used toilet paper on the floor in the stalls. In many of the countries those folks came from the sewer pipes were only 2 inches and clogged when they flushed TP. Since we didn’t provide receptacles for the used TP they threw it on the floor, not knowing you can flush TP even in Albuquerque, as third work as we can be out here. Thanks, Brian.

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