71 thoughts on “All Blue

    • I was just plying the blues while listening to the rain. Seems like the wrong style when it’s raining out here. Thanks, Brad.

    • We got a little more rain tonight. We are a little over 1/2 inch for the month. Nice compared to zero precipitation from the middle of February to Sunday. Thanks, Michele.

    • As I mentioned to Brad, I was playing the blues while listening to the rain. Since rain is so rare here, it seemed a bit irreverent to play the blues while it rained. Thanks, Nancy.

  1. Gorgeous! It’s amazing how much growth there’s been here in the past two weeks with the entry of heat and sun. It’s awesome.

  2. Definitely a Deep Blue Something – did you have breakfast at Tiffany’s? And just a day past a Blue Monday (for those who like their music on the synth side). I always like the Iris – the world is full of symmetry and this flowers just chucks that to the wind and goes its own way. Have to admire that ha.

    • More like Blue (da ba die). Assymetrical, random and abstractions are always welcome. Thanks, Brian.

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