35 thoughts on “Moon Falls

    • You will being seeing a lot more of Resa’s tree. It stands between me and sunrises and sunset colors. Thanks, Geoff.

  1. I did not know that Laura was also a photographer. Well congratulations to you both as the work is stunning along with the beautiful Haiku. I don’t know how you two did the first photo but that was striking. Bravo you two have a blessed weekend. 🦋🤗

    • Lauries an artist who happens to take pictures with her phone. She has a great eye for images. Thanks, Joni.

  2. Adore the artwork and TimKu!
    Again… my tree kills.
    Not sure what I’ll do with all the pics.
    I have a few ideas.
    Is where you live semi arid? What is thee climate zone there?

    • We are high desert, and arid. We have had only about an inch of precipitation this year so far. I need to irrigate. I thought we were going to get water last week. I hope this week, but the ditches are dry.

      • We have various types of cacti, but nothing big like the Sugaros in southern Arizona.

    • With as litle precipitation as we’ve been getting around here, it’s feels like the apocalypse is on us. Thanks, Brian.

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