51 thoughts on “Tulips Seek Sunshine

  1. They do look like they are reaching.
    That pink against the blue is beautiful!
    I love that last one. There is beauty in pain, sometimes.

  2. I forgot you have a peach tree. The tulips and peach blossoms are lovely! I have thought about putting one in here, but I have been told they don’t do well in my area. Gophers eat the tulips, so I quite trying to grow those.

    • The peachtrees are prone to bores out here. The blossoms will likely get frozed before fruit can set. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Spring is late here and the hard frost we’ve had most days has killed a lot off so this is lovely to see today. The faded color on the last one is stunning.

  4. Tim, I’m seeking sunshine, too!
    It’s at a premium up here.
    Stole Dale’s peach blossoms….gorgeous.
    Cool TimKu!
    I’m also seeking lint roller refills. I might have to write you about this conundrum.

  5. The dualing nature of the flowers is interesting, highlighted by the out of focus nature of the one flower, it seems to suggest something about humanity, and inability to identify with those close to you.

    • Excellent analogy. And it seems to becomeing more difficult for people to with anyone including those close to them.

  6. Wondered how the flowers were fairing … we are almost back to the homestead and we went from 90+ temps to low 40s in a day. Actually if they survived the weather swings they are still likely damaged from the recent shower of hail they got yesterday – fingers crossed that didn’t damage anything on the house.

    • Hail is hell. Plants, cars and houses be damned. I hope you didn’t get any serious damage. Thanks, Brian

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