Palm Sunday Easter Bunny

Frolics in the yard
Palm Sunday Easter Bunny
Why no Easter Hawks?

Copper’s Hawk

¡Hasta la vista! Baby!

Mr. & Mrs. Weatern Blurebirds might have a nest in Resa’s tree. The Mister is hanging out on the same branch every day like he’s on guard.

This Lincoln’s Sparrow was stumping me.

53 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Easter Bunny

  1. Bunny best hop to it before Mr. Hawk captures him!
    Mr, Bluebird looks like he takes his job seriously.
    And that Lincoln sparrow could give Mr. Bluebird a run for his money on handsomeness!

    • The sparrow is one handsome dude. Our bunny is pretty good about evading predators. He took refuge in the infinite shed of doom when the Red-Tailed Hawk was in the tree the other day. No hawk dare enter the darkness of the doom. Thanks, Dale.

      • He really is. Anyone who says sparrows are boring have not seen this fella!
        Good for the bunny, It’s hard, because we want the hawk to eat but we don’t want him to eat our bunny!
        Regardless… you are the master in photography.

    • Thanks, Brad. It’s a regular wild kingdom out here. Do you remember Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler? I guess that show is still going. I had no idea.

      • Yes, I do remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Jim was always the one wrestling with the gator during the show, or escaping a bear.

  2. I am so relieved you did not show this hawk’s dinner, Tim. Whew!! That’s the part of nature that can get so violent and yes I know normal yet it hurts. Loved your bunny pictures and you showed one of my all time favorite birds are Bluebirds. Thank you!

    • You are welcome, Amy Rose. As I mentioned to Marina, wildlife tend to coexist on our property. Many years ago a friend of our daughter who is a clairvoyant said she felt the spirit of a large black dog that roamed and protected our property. The woman had no way of knowing we had a black Great Dane that was almost dead when we had rescued her, and after a long life for a Dane she died and we buried her on the property. What is also interesting, is that while we have coyotes all around our property, I have never seen a coyote on our property. I think the spirit of the large black dog keeps the critters in check and makes them behave. I think the because of her protective spirit, the bunnies and squirrels and skunks and raccoons and birds find our property to be a safe haven.

      • WOWOWOWOWOW! These stories and others like them, fascinate me and prove to me there is lot more to life then what we know and see. Incredible story, Tim!! xo

      • We have a lot of paranormal activity on our property. We never get trick or treaters on Halloween because they have to deal with real monsters.

      • Our kleptomaniac ghosts are the craziest. The most recent theft was when I was putting lights together and I set out four ball heads on the counter. I walked out of the room to get other parts, and when I came back in the room, the two ball heads were missing. I have yet to find them. The other blatant thievery was when Laurie was cutting veggies with her favorite 8-inch Japanese knife. She set the knife on the counter while we went outside to look at the sunset. When we came back in the knife was gone. That was several years ago. We have never found the knife. Lots of other small things have gone missing like that never to be found again.

      • Oh wow! What planet are you from? I honestly didn’t know things like that happened. OH yes you hear about it in the movies and such but in real life? And here I thought my experiences were quite odd. Nothing in comparison to what you just described.

      • Listen to radio shows like Coast to Coast AM and you will discover our experiences are more common than you think, and quite tame in compared to many people’s experiences.

      • You have gone over to the wild side communicating with a spider. Not a lot of people can connect with spiders.

      • BTW the cats can see the ghosts. We occasionally hear and smell them, but we can’t see them.

      • I KNOW my cats see what I do not. One of my cats is constantly looking up over my head for some reason. Hopefully one day we’ll see like them.

    • Easter bunnies are perfect for the season. We have lots of places for the bunny to hide, so despite all the hawks, owls and eagles, he manages to keep on truckin’. Thanks, Roy.

  3. YAY for the bunny! Do hawks eat bunnies? Egads!

    Oboy, a nest in my tree! I hope! Western Bluebirds no less. I’ve never seen a Bluebird, of any kind.
    I hope there will be babies!

    • Hawks do eat bunnies, but the big black ghost dog that roams our property protects the bunnies and other little creatures. Vultures are scavangers they only kill when they are desperate, and they tend to go for little farm animals like lambs and goatlets that are easier prey. I’m pretty sure you didn’t want to know that.

  4. Hmmmm, bunnies and cooper’s .. that could be a bad combination for the furry one. That red eye looks quite menacing. Ironically, I managed to shoot my first Western Bluebird this year (in Vegas). To be honest, it is pretty hard for me to tell the difference between our much more common Eastern Bluebirds – both quite pretty.

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