54 thoughts on “Togetherness

    • He’s a Norse God. He’s a trickster. He had four children. Sleipnir, the horse. Hel, Goddess of the Underworld. Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpert, and Fenrir, the Giant Wolf. Thanks, Bruce.

      • Amazing, isin’t it? Cat respect. Especially respecting an a paparazzo. Definitely an oxymoron.

      • Didn’t feel the shake this time. It happened in the north of Peru and Ecuador and at present I am in the very south near the Chilean border visiting friends. Unusual rain and flooding has been more of a problem, but again mostly in north and as far down to Lima.

      • I read it was in Ecuador, but effect parts of Peru. I hope you’re having fun in the south.

    • It’s all a ploy for the photo op. They were having a good battle over the hammock before I interrupted them. Thanks, Bruce.

    • They paused their fight for the photo op. Marble finally gave up and left. Thanks, Marina.

      BTW. Your ChaGPT bio is pretty impressive. I asked it to look me up and it said I was insignificant and I should go to my own blog if I wanted learn more about myself.

      • Well, at least they respect their dad’s wishes! 😉
        Really? What a jerk …scuse my language!
        Yes right… so many albums!!!! Where on earth did it get those non-existent titles?!!!!!! Not to mention my guitar / bouzouki skills!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤪

      • As I mentioned to Socratis, I asked Chat to give me a list of references for research I’m doing. Chat gave me a list of articles with intriguing titles, right on topic, authors, dates and summaries of the articles. The problem is every single article is a complete fabrication. None of the articles exist. One author exists, but he wrote a book that is similar to the title of the article Chat came up with. Chat had a coauthor with the article, but the real author does not have a coauthor on his book. While the mishmash of images AI came up with to illustrate my lyrics is bizarre, complete fabrication of none existent articles is unethical, immoral, deceptive and dangerous. And to think the ChatGPT told me it was ethical and moral and then lectured me on the dangers of watching inappropriate videos!

      • That is exactly the point! Can you imagine the harm it is doing? Can you imagine students doing research? …kids? The ‘smudges/ glitches / blurs’ it creates extends to everything.. info, art etc This is too wrong.

      • I asked Chat to give me articles that really exist. One of three articles cited exists. But the journals the articles are supposed to be in do exist, but that journals do not have the articles or anything by the authors cited. And Chat thinks I suck.

  1. I love Loki and Marble! They are beautiful kitties! Resa’s tree and the cloud streets are nice compositions, too. You seem to get more cloud street formations down there.

  2. Your cats always have the most amazing expressions – when we are not around we can tell from our security cameras the boys will cozy up in the small bed together – when we are around, no way, now how, get that flea bag away from me. The cats look like they get along… but they could be playing the same game ha.

    • The kitties generally get along. They love to play which often turn into semi-serious fights. Thanks, Brian.

  3. Awww! Loki and Marble are sooo cute! You live in a gluttony of cat love.
    My tree is a glutton for gowns…. figuratively speaking.

    • It still gets below freezing at night, so I am covered with cats by morning. Thanks, Resa.

  4. Tim, I can’t get over how breathtakingly beautiful those clouds are, wow. Your nature photography always blows me away. I feel like I could lie down and watch that sky all day… you must get lost in it.

    ….and Marble …. that face!! 😂 It’s the “Oh daddy, can I?!?” Loki’s got that paw braced though, ready to put up a good fight. Hah! So cute, those two! I love their expressions looking back at you. Captured perfectly, as always!

    • Thanks, Holly. We have a lot of great clouds passing through. The kitties are characters. Never a dull moment with a bunch of cats.

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