Satire Sunday

Government Motors Reintroduces The Trans-Am

In a nostalgic move, GM has announced it’s bringing back the Trans-Am, as an all-inclusive automobile with the advanced, leading-edge “Pedal-Electro” propulsion system that will bring Pride to everyone. “This is not your average EV,” said Arden Hoffman, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer for GM*, who is in charge of peddling the new pedal car. “Pedaling this baby charges the batteries and your cardiovascular system at the same time!”

Besides a revolutionary drive-train powered by pedaling, a generator attached to the drive-train helps charge the batteries that supply power to lights, computers, and a 200-watt Bose® audio system with a super sub-woofer that provides an inspiring booma booma booma to sync your pedaling. “The new Trans-Am will keep you in shape,” commented a short-of-breath Mark Tatum, GM board member, and Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer of the NBA, after taking the 3000-pound Trans-Am for a test pedal. “It weighs much more than it looks with that compact body.”

Other innovative features include a no-roof, open cockpit-style interior that provides natural airflow to keep you cool while pedaling with pride.

*Arden Hoffman’s real position and titles.

After my more serious post with a protest song yesterday, I figured a chaser of satire with photos of trees and clouds was in order for today.

28 thoughts on “Satire Sunday

  1. Beautiful cloudscapes! I’m incredulous that Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer for GM is a real job title, even after I looked it up. Reminds me of a former colleague who referred to her boss as the “Mulit-site Potato Baker.”

  2. Does it come with a USB plug in every seat like those new fangled, revolutionary yellow buses being touted by this administration!?! Hilarious by the way.

  3. Lol, that Trans Am doesn’t look like one. The V8 isn’t sticking out high enough. 😂 I’m thinking you did some art magic. Funny post, Tim!
    I sure like laughing. Thank you!

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