Happy Valentine’s Day FTD

Happy Valentine’s Day from the dead!

Happy Valentine’s
Day of love for some not all
Both quick and the dead

Please note that the hearts are part of a headstone in the graveyard. I did not Photoshop them into the photo.

59 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day FTD

  1. I have to admit I thought it was ‘photoshopped’. I always love it when you spot some special things at unexpected places…

  2. Now that is a creative way to remember someone. By the way, S. P. just put out a new video. I’ll leave off the link in case you have young readers, but simply look for that band and “Friends with Benefits”. New bassist is fitting right in.

    • It’s a clever headstone, for sure. I saw the video. Did you put in your guess in for how many views before YouTube puts an age lock on the video? BTW I have an S. P. 1987 pedal on the way. Thanks, Brian.

  3. A belated Happy Valentine’s Day, Tim and Laurie. We had an Internet and phone outage here all day yesterday that was not resolved until some time after midnight. Other than that, a pleasant, quiet day.

      • Those darned aliens. One of our ghosts stole a light mount from me a couple of weeks ago. I had both mounts on the counter. I walked into the other room to get a plug and when I came back one of the mounts was gone. I have not found it.

      • We have a cemetery in Corrales that is much closer to us. Kleptomaniac ghosts have been a problem for us for several years. They have knives and tools, and one of Laurie’s Italian berets. The kitties can see the ghosts. We hear and smell them sometimes.

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