52 thoughts on “Again

  1. The moon is not scolding you, she’s keeping you company, lighting your way as you go home (and hopefully, these late nights will diminish!)

  2. I love the night sky photos, Tim. I think the moon is supposed to be full tonight. I haven’t been able to catch more than a glimpse of her with all the nighttime clouds up here. It’s 30 degrees with a thick fog this morning. We may see the sun later this afternoon, and I might catch a glimpse of the moon tonight if I am lucky Tomorrow we are back into the rain.

  3. That first picture, the composition, the tree! So you were late home. Goodvtomsee that today, you put the moon to bed and waltzed with the sun! (And got home early!)

  4. Even starkness is poetic in your world.
    Love the pics of Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ you sent.
    Does he still need the collar? He looks so peaceful.

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