78 thoughts on “Lavender Mist

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. The cranes are calm. The a fluffed up, some were still sleeping others stretching and morning preening. Once the sun peeked over the mountains, some of them started flying off. Mama Owl will start sitting soon.

  1. I was going to ask how you you captured the light effects on the last photo, and saw your answer above. All the photos are awesome, Tim…love the lavender.

      • That’s a little while. I have one friend who there’s never been a time we can remember we didn’t know each other. We were born four days apart in the same hospital and our parents had us playing together not long after we were born.

      • I have a friend like that. We lived round the corner from each other till we were about 13–I even have 1st birthday cards from her and her family, then eventually we lost touch but at a best friend and her husband’s funeral a few years ago, this woman came up to me and asked if I was so and so. Her now hubby and my friend’s bros had played in a band way way back before he emigrated to Canada. And right enough my friend often talked of this guy and his wife cos he still has a band that goes down every other weekend to play the Cavern in Liverpool–once even played with Paul McCartney when he got up on stage there one time, just as this best friend must have talked to this woman about me. Anyway throughout the service I am trying and trying to place this woman cos i knew her and she thought we must have met at family things but like that my best friend only ever extended that circle to us and she didn’t have many things like that. Anyway turned out that this was this girl from all the years back. It was like my best friend sent ther back to me.

      • That’s a sweet story. My friend and I have never lost touch, however, after he married a witch of a woman, we don’t get together much at all. We call and text every now and then.

      • Well that girl moved to another bit of the area we grew up in and she was also in a different class and year from me at school the way the cut off point fell for that year. That was the time when schools boasted like 4 classes in the same year, all with like 40 kids in them so there wa s amid year intake in Feb and she was behind me in August. It was just great to be in touch again and to meet. I ahve another friend I don’t see often . I think I saw more of her when we lived across the river. Now I live about five mins away on foot! Anyway I am have known her since we were 6 and she came to my school. I ain’t big on friends. I prefer a few you click with or don’t see but can meet again and have a great time with as opposed to like tons that you can’t really keep up with. I am anti social actuallY!!

      • I hear you on friends. I have very few friends I see in person. There are the ditch bank buddies who we visit for 5 minutes as we cross paths walking on the ditch banks and in the bosque. Otherwise, I have more blogger friends than in-person friends.

      • Yeah.. I have always been a bit of a loner. The friends here at the weekend? Well they live in Edinburgh. And my friend who died, that went to when we moved across the river –god the nights we used to ahve getting trolleyed on wine. But they had also moved away to help with grandchildren. Totally get it re online friends etc. We got asked to the wedding of this woman here who is a reader actually who I had only met once when we did the Mr’s play and she came to see it. But like that we talk so much behind the scenes and she was quite frank about how all her actual non virtual friends dropped her when she ran off with this guy out the blue but hey, I hadn’t, so would we come? And you know we have since got to know her and her man quite well and had some great evenings out with them. .

      • That’s great. Funny how things turn out. Did her non-virtual friends not like the guy? Doesn’t make much sense, but nothing makes much sense in the social spheres I have no clue about. I’m a social Neanderthal and don’t know a thing about the delicacies and decorums of non-virtual social intercourse.

      • She had been in this very unhappy relationship…long term..try 30 years. Obvi it was not that way to start with and she’s loyal, spent her time looking after her mam , has brought up a grandchild basically who as AHD. She is a lovely woman, never a thought of herself. And truly I used to wish for some happiness and fulfillment in her life, cos of all she was carrying. Then she did meet– randomly– this guy and he’s great. But the friend’s thought she was off her trolley.

      • Sounds like she waited too long to find a new man. But that seems to be the nature of bad relationships. Good for her finally coming to her senses.

      • We studied all different paintings in art history. Classes were always scheduled at 2:00 pm, in a dark room, watching slide after slide of masters’ paintings. Not only was it hard to stay awake, but all the paintings were the same size in the slides. When we saw many of the original paintings we studied at the U while we were in Spain, many were surprising by their actual sizes. Some were huge while others were tiny.

      • I understand.
        I became mesmerized by “Horse and Train” (Alex Coleville) at an art show many years ago in Vancouver.
        They actually sort of woke me up, as I stood in front of the painting. Time to go, the gallery is closing.
        There are slews of photos of the painting, but meh.
        You have to see it in person!

  2. Lavender really compliment those sandhill featherings – gives it a very calming feel. You are getting me all excited to see this year’s owlets!

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