Happy Thanksgiving! It Rained!

Theresa and Tommy Turkey Talking Thanksgiving Turkey Talk.

We got .27 of an inch (6.9 mm) of rain last night. It was enough to leave a few puddles.

Dale’s Peachtree at Dawn

Afternoon split


83 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! It Rained!

  1. The blue and purple clouds are awesome. I’m glad you got some rain; we’re getting some late tonight, then colder temperatures tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, Tim.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Tim! That is a mighty fine pair of Turkey’s you have there and with the standard coloring! Raining now and overnight here which was 100% predictable as I have a trail race at 7am – never fails, so I’ll be “thankful” to get home and wash all the mud off ha!

    • What’s a trail race without a bunch of mud. These are feral turkeys that used to hang out on our property from time to time. I heard animal control rounded them all up and got rid of them. I have seen any in a few years. Although a neighbor said she saws turkeys on the ditch south of us a few days ago. Thanks, Brian.

  3. Guess you were quite pleased with the rain? We were still officially in drought until yesterday. The heavens opened and it was touch and go on the flood front. That will do now, thanks!

    • Amazing how it’s either drought or drenched. Stay dry and make the best of living on the edge of wetness. Thanks, Couriers.

    • Below 70! EEEEE I’ll bet you are freezing. 🥶 It’s a balmy 28 this morning out here. 😓 Happy Thanksgiving. Are you doing anything special for Thanks? I assume you are not riding you motocycle when it’s below 70?

      • You poor thing, get out the swim suits! I’m finally getting together with family. The visits are few and far between. No biking though 70 is the best , just cool enough to justify some leather.

  4. I never met anyone who got this excited over rain, Tim. We are drenched here. As for your skyscapes, I am in awe of what I see. We don’t have skies like that here and to see such cloud formations makes my jaw drop. Wow!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! xo

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. It is so dry here that any rain is worth celebrating. The Spanish barely made it through droughts like this hundreds of years ago. I read accounts where it got so bad they had to eat leather to survive. If it wasn’t for the enchantment factor, the skies are a big part of it, I think the Spanish would have abandoned New Mexico hundreds of years ago.

  5. Congratulations on the rain, I hope some of it finds its way to us, more dry Santa Anas today. We still have so much to be thankful for, like those beautiful sunsets!😍🙏

  6. Not only do you have the most phenomenal scenery and wild life all around you, but also the ability to capture it so beautifully, Sir.
    Jealous? Me? Never (he lies)!

      • Oh good to hear! It was really nice but we ended up with 22 and even though everyone brought something, it was a lot of work but so wonderful to have all of the family together.
        Although terrifying for my once feral and she didn’t come in until late. 💖 Thanks for asking. 🙏

      • Most of our cats go into hiding when people come over. We don’t get many visitors. 22 es mucha familia.

  7. Gobble, gobble, gobble!
    Happy you got rain, Tim!
    Unfortunately, parts of Canada have WAY too much rain.
    In BC, they got an atmospheric river. It’s a disaster. They expecting 2 more rivers to fall from the sky, in the next few days.
    Wish we could share!

      • The world is in a tailspin, Tim!

        I grabbed a couple more trees while I was here.
        I’m so excited! I’m almost finished the rough for Holly and me to proof.
        LOL, I thought I was finished drawing, but 1 more has come up.

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