77 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Belong?

    • Hi Gabriela. It’s actually a silly goose. There was a large flock of geese hanging out on a sandbar a few hundred feet south of where the silly goose was. Several flocks flew in over her and landed near the sandbar while I was photographing her with the cranes. She’s there by choice. Apparently enjoying the company of cranes.

      • Hi Timothy. Itโ€™s a goose. It tells you how much I know. I cannot even distinguish between a duck and a goose ๐Ÿ˜Š
        I hope you guys are enjoying your evening. Sending hugs to everyone ๐Ÿค—

      • In you defense, you’re not seeing the whole goose, so it’s easy to mistake them. I love that you called it a duck so I could tell say it was a “silly goose” using an old clichรฉ. But you are right that it is sad and alone. It may have lost it’s partner and that’s way it’s hanging out with the cranes.

      • It might be like this:

        A sad and silly goose
        Thinking like a crane
        It might just set her loose
        From Branta canadensis
        To Antigone canadensis
        The letter A is
        Before the letter B
        Moves her up the food chain
        Ardent crane
        Instead of
        Boring silly goose

  1. Guessing that Canada got into it with a bully from his flock and hired those Sandhills to watch its back – they certainly have all the angles covered..

  2. I don’t know what you are talking about. I am so blending in. You can’t tell me apart…
    As for the rest of the photos… all beautiful shades of violet!
    And wow on Jupiter!

      • Now you are thinking right (which is wrong, but don;t tell anyone). No differences between you and me anymore. But the thought of you looking like me? Pulease! I’m not blind, yet anyway, and don’t eeeeven want to see you looking like me.

      • What is wrong is right. And Imma look if I want but I’ll do it so’s you don’t realise it, how’s that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • As long as I don’t see you looking like me. Now if I looked like you I would have all the guys chasing me all over the place. It wouldn’t be safe out there. But it would be worth it to be beautiful.

      • That would be bad. It’s not a side that comes out very often but when it does? Watch out! And you are definitely not the sort to ever be in danger of meeting said side.

    • The comments are interesting. I like seeing how Jupiter’s moons are in deffent positions every time I photograph them. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  3. A Canadian goose peeking through!
    I saw many on the lake yesterday and every single one was sleepingโ€ฆ on the water!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. The goose cand comments take me back to time when I was alive and working, Tim. I was driving home from work, 06:00hrs and stopped at the river Trent to feed the swans and mallards. Before I’d got out of the car, it was surrounded by dozens of Canada geese, all aggressively beak-pecking at the car. I threw the food out of the window, and I moved on. Two days later, I got a fine through the post for feeding the ‘birds’? Someone had seen me, and sent my registration number, along with a distant photo to the Council! I could not see any residences anywhere from where I was parked? Now, I know there is a ban, and paid ยฃ150 for the pleasure. Hehe!

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